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Makeup Tips – Let’s face it, in order to start doing something new that you haven’t done before you have to “Learn” how to do it. That fact is no different when it comes to makeup, believe it or not there are a lot of women out there who do not know the proper way to pick out or apply their makeup, I am sure you have seen some of them out in public.

We are writing this article to help give you some tips and pointers on how to do makeup your first time, this way you don’t end up like those women you see in those “Makeup Disaster Photos”.

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4 Makeup Tips For First Time Makeup Users :

Tip #1 – Determine Your Skin Type

This is where those women who have makeup disasters normally go wrong. They don’t select the proper makeup shades for their skin type, they get a makeup that is too dark or too light. You want to find a makeup that matches the shade of your skin as close as possible. This way when you are wearing it, the makeup looks almost natural and there are no distinctive lines between your normal skin and the cosmetics.

Tip #2 – Don’t Overdo the Makeup

Ever heard the term “Less is more”, well in makeup 99% of the time this rule applies. You will sometimes see women who put on WAY to much makeup and you can tell by looking at them (even if you’re far away) that there seems to be a buildup on their face. This is a huge “no-no”, the whole reason of applying makeup is to hide small blemishes or varying tones in your skin. Natural beauty is by far prettier than fake beauty; you only want to apply a minimum amount of makeup when putting on the layers.

Tip #3 – Ensure Proper Blending Techniques

Another huge mistake some women make when applying makeup is blending. It is going to be almost impossible to match your skin shade 100% identical, so it is extremely important that when you are applying your makeup you blend it in very well. If you don’t blend the makeup properly you will be able to see a distinctive line between your normal skin ton and the applied makeup and makes it look like a dark line running across the side of your neck or face. This is not attractive at all.

Tip #4 – Choose Shades that Complement One Another

You wouldn’t pick random colors that don’t match for your outfit or home interior, so don’t do it with your makeup. There are tons of color choices when it comes to makeup and you want to look your best, make sure you select colors that complement one another.  Remember, your appearance says a lot about who you are and your character, take your time and don’t make your makeup look sloppy.

When it comes to makeup there are many other things to consider, however these tips, if followed correctly will be more than enough to get you well on your way to selecting and looking your best in makeup. Once you have gotten these simple facts down, you can start looking for more advance tips and techniques for makeup application and mixing.

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