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5 Tips For Keeping Your Skin Healthy Keeping your skin healthy in Texas can certainly be a bit of a challenge. Even under the best circumstances our skin takes quite a beating from our everyday Texas environment. No worries, with the following tips in mind brought to you from one of the top Houston dermatology offices, you will be well on your way to maintaining a healthy and vibrant complexion. You deserve nothing less!

1.Protect yourself from the Sun. Anyone who has been to Houston knows how the sun attacks the skin here, especially in the summer. Sun block is an absolute must if you hope to keep your skin healthy. Recent studies show that it is very important to use a sun block with a high SPF frequently, especially if you are enjoying activities like swimming, skiing or taking a relaxing ride down one of Texas’ great rivers. Protect yourself from the sun now and avoid wrinkles, blotches, age spots and other unsightly skin issues in the future. In Texas pay extra attention to this tip, according to Houston dermatology experts like Advanced Associates in Dermatology!

2.Be Gentle with Your Skin. Treating your skin extra gently will go a very long way towards keeping it healthy. Be sure to moisturize every day, which is especially essential here in Houston. Also using strong soaps should be avoided. Patting dry after washing also lessens damage to the skin a quick and easy change anyone can make in his or her daily habits. Try it.

3.No Smoking. Truly one of the worst things you can do to your skin, never mind the rest of your health is smoke. Smoking causes wrinkles accelerates aging and will cause an almost endless list of other skin problems. If you are smoking quit, and if you don’t smoke certainly don’t start!

4.Control Your Stress. Stress can cause acne flare-ups as well as skin to otherwise become overly sensitive. With the hustle and bustle of Houston some stress is nearly unavoidable, but finding a healthy outlet for it will do wonders for your skin. Exercise, meditation or spending quality free time doing a hobby you enjoy are all great options and proven ways to reduce your stress levels and help your skin.

5.Eat Healthy. A healthy diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables lays the foundation for your skin to stay vibrantly healthy. You will also feel your best as an added bonus! Recent studies have confirmed the relationship between eating healthier and having younger skin. Let’s face it, you are what you eat, and its important to eat healthy and feel healthy. You wil even look heathier too!!?

These five tips will certainly help your skin stay healthy, but Texas is still Texas. Be sure to have a good relationship with a dermatologist if skin issues begin to arise. Houston dermatology is well represented by Dr. Temitope F. Soares and Advanced Associates in Dermatology (AAD) who expertly cover all manner of skin conditions and disorders. AAD are a great choice that won’t let you down.


About the Author: Dr. Temitope F. Soares, a Board Certified Dermatologist, welcomes you to Advanced Associates in Dermatology. Dr Soares has many years of experience in treating a variety of skin condition for patients of all ages and is one of the few dermatologists in the Houston Metropolitan and surrounding areas who also sees pediatric patients.


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