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It is easy to assume that celebrities are born gorgeous with perfect smiles. However, the reality is very different. Celebrities are ordinary folk with lots of imperfections, just like the rest of us. Some of them were blessed with crooked or yellow teeth in their early years, but when they became famous, they opted to have cosmetic dentistry procedures in order to obtain the familiar Hollywood smile we all know and love. After all, would the likes of Angelina Jolie be considered the world’s sexiest woman if she had a few missing teeth and a serious over bite?

Smile Makeovers for the Stars

Lots of stars have had their teeth fixed over the years, but here are a few of the best known.

  • Tom Cruise – Poor old Tom may be an international movie star now, but back in the days before he hit the big time, he had a very dodgy smile. His front teeth were noticeably wonky and discoloured, which is never a good look for an ‘A’ Lister. At age 40, Tom had work done to straighten his teeth. These days he has a perfect white smile, probably thanks to very expensive veneers.
  • Miley Cyrus – Miley is probably better known for her risqué stage performances in a variety of skimpy outfits, but only a few years ago she was a Disney child star. Back then, Miley’s teeth were not awful, but they were not as polished as they are now, so she has clearly had cosmetic dental work done.
  • Niall Horan – Niall, one fifth of One Direction, had wonky front teeth before he became famous. Once the boys were thrust into the spotlight, he had orthodontic work to correct his misaligned teeth. Niall wore clear braces for over a year, but the results have been worth it for he now has a perfect white smile.
  • Cheryl Cole – Ms. Cole had rather endearing teeth when she first became famous. Her canines were slightly misaligned, but she soon had her minor imperfections corrected with the aid of orthodontic treatment and today she has a dazzlingly white smile.
  • Justin Bieber – Justin is another young star who has had orthodontic work carried out to straighten his teeth. He has been spotted with Invisalign braces, which unlike traditional metal train-track braces are virtually invisible.
  • Gwen Stefani – although a lot of celebrities prefer not to broadcast the fact they are having cosmetic dental work done, some just don’t care and are happy to show off their braces to the world. Gwen Stefani is one such celebrity. She had metal train track braces fitted to straighten her teeth and was more than happy to be photographed in full metal gear.

A Dazzling White Smile

Celebrities are also famous for their dazzling white smiles. Since teeth are naturally many shades of yellow, depending on whether you smoke, drink, and your genes, teeth whitening treatments are a popular choice in Hollywood. Simon Cowell is famous for his unfeasibly white teeth, but George Clooney is also well known for having pearly white teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry techniques are not just for celebrities. Anyone can have a dodgy smile corrected and if you fancy looking like Simon Cowell or Cheryl Cole, all you need is a good dentist.

This post has been authored by Lily Scott, a receptionist at Bathurst Dupont Dental, a renowned dental clinic based in Toronto. She works hard and she enjoys spending time with her family when she gets free.


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