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Botox has been around for a good long time now, and we’ve all heard a lot about it. We’ve seen celebrities that are defying their age and looking great, and owning up to the fact that Botox is their secret weapon. We’ve also seen what happens when it goes wrong – there are plenty of people who take it all a step too far and are left completely expressionless – like a waxwork model! There is no doubt that it should be used in moderation, but if you are weighing up whether to use it or not, you may like to read on to hear more about Botox and it’s pros and cons.

A Bit About Botox

Botox is a great way of reducing and eliminating wrinkles. You go for regular sessions which involve injections in the affected area. This must be carried out by a trained and licensed dermatologist or a medical professional, so if you are considering getting it done then always check that they are qualified to do it for you. People generally use Botox on the areas of their face that are more prone to wrinkles – for example on their forehead and around their eyes. Botox is made of a substance that can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by restricting the facial muscle activity.

What Are The Benefits Of Botox?

Obviously, used in moderation, your wrinkles will fade and sometimes disappear altogether. It’s not a complicated and dangerous procedure and there is no operation involved. Botox is simply applied to the affected areas via a needle. So as long as you are good with needles it shouldn’t be tricky at all to get it done. Usually once you have been for the first consultation you will know what to expect, and many people feel much more relaxed about going for subsequent visits. It’s a very risk free procedure and you can get it done in your lunch break.

Botox – The Disadvantages?

For many people, the idea of a needle straight to the face is something they can’t get over. If you have a fear of needles, like so many people do, then it’s probably not the procedure for you. The other main disadvantage is that you’re going to have to pay for it! It doesn’t come cheap, but when you think about all the money you spend on expensive face creams it’s a small price to pay. Another drawback is that if you overdo it, it can start to look obvious that you have been Botoxed. Your face might look a bit frozen, and your expressions can be limited. This is a particular drawback for actors and actresses who find that their range of facial expressions is reduced.

There is no doubt that Botox can help to make you look younger, and used in moderation it can be a great solution to stave off the signs of aging. Before you go ahead, do plenty of research so that you know it’s right for you, and find a qualified practitioner that you know and trust.

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