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Women spend an awful lot of time styling their hair, making sure their hair looks good and they look their best. GHD hair straighteners, flat irons, and hair dryers – these tools then become a woman’s best friend when they style their hair.

If these styling products are a woman’s best friends, then bad weather is probably a woman’s worst enemy. A bad weather destroys a perfectly styled hair and transforms an otherwise good hair day into a bad one.

Bad weather shouldn’t prevent you from going out in style though. There are still various ways to weatherproof your hair while maintaining a stylish hairdo.

Weatherproof Hair Styles

When the weather is bad, you can still style your hair. You just have to pick what style to use. In picking the right hairstyle you don’t only weatherproof your hair you also look good doing it.

  • Braid – Having your hair in a braid would keep them together. A braid would avoid having your hair going all over your face during windy days. During rainy days, it would also prevent you from looking like a wet cat. The tight twist can hold out to a few drops of rain.
  • Ponytail Updo – Tie your hair in a ponytail, twist it up and secure the ends with a pin. This is an easy yet effective way of weatherproofing your hair. If you don’t have time to braid your hair, you can a ponytail updo instead. It will also protect your hair from a windy day.
  • Beach Bun – Aside from sporting this at the beach where the sun is scorching its strongest, you can also wear this hairstyle during windy days. The beach bun is a messier version of the ponytail updo. You’ll have to tie your hair in a ponytail then divide the tied up hair into two. Loosely twist the first section around the hair elastic and secure with a pin. For the other section, twist it in the opposite direction and also secure with a pin. Some strands may not fall in place and this is okay. That’s why this hairstyle is also called the ‘messy beach bun.’ You can also use a bandana as a headband to secure your front hair and for a more stylish look. Another advantage of having your hair up in bun is it traps humid. And when humid is trapped, frizz is prevented.

What Products to Avoid

During very hot weather, windy days and rainy days there are certain products you need to avoid. This will protect your hair from getting frizzy and getting damaged.

  • Using Gel or Wax – When you apply gel or wax on your hair and you get wet in the rain, your hair will turn sticky. This is why it is important to forego using these products when there’s a chance of experiencing a rainy day.
  • Dryer and other Electric Products – If you’ve spent half an hour drying your hair then step out in the rain, chances are you’re going to get your hair wet again. If you’re having some bad weather, it may be good to part ways with your GHDs and hair straighteners just for the day. Electric products are also good to avoid when it’s scorching hot outside. Don’t worry you can immediately come back to them as soon as the weather improves.

What Products to Use

  • Sun-Protectant Products – The best way to protect your hair during dry weather where the sun is shining its hottest is to apply sun-protectant products. These come in cream or spray form.
  • Hair Oil – During windy days it will also be good to apply hair oil to prevent hair damage.

A bad weather is not an excuse for looking bad. Whatever the weather is outside, you can still go out in style and look chic. It’s a matter of knowing what to do during a particular day.

By Debra Wright
Debra Wright enjoys a multi-hyphenated identity. She is an online marketing specialist, writer, cat lover, and aspiring cupcake critic. Wright’s articles about hair styling draws on her passion for learning and dedication to share her discoveries to others.
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