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No one can quite put a finger on that point in history when technology and genius innovations played a very crucial role in the way we saw ourselves or perceived beauty. Nevertheless, it happened and now there is just stopping it.

One such small but amazing miracle has come in the form of cosmetic dentistry, especially for those who have it all, except that perfectly dazzling smile. If you’re one of those who feel like the only thing keeping them from absolute beauty is that weirdly shaped set of Pearlies, WAIT. Don’t jump the gun just yet. Check against these parameters that let you know if you really need to set that appointment with the cosmetic dentist.

1)   The shape

Cosmetic Dentist

The shape of the teeth is an important factor and quite the giveaway as to whether you need a cosmetic procedure or not. Are they too rectangular? Or rounded at the edges? The best shape is the one where the length measures more than the width. Too rectangular a shape looks creepy and too square makes you look aged.

2)   The length

Nothing defines the beauty of a smile as well as symmetry of the teeth and the gums. Are the teeth of the appropriate length? Take an easy test: stand in front of a mirror, leave your lips relaxed and parted to about half an inch. Now check if you can see your teeth through that little gap. If no teeth are visible, they’re too short, whereas if more than 5 mm of teeth are seen, they’re too long. Too short and you look like a toothless tiger, too long and you look like you’ve grown tusks. If you can see just about 1 to 5 mm, the length is perfect.

3)   The curve

The teeth should be in such a curve that they perfectly follow the lips. They should also fill the gap next to your cheeks. Ideally, the back teeth should be at the same level as the front ones. Similarly, the area in the middle of the teeth should be perfectly aligned with the rest of the face- vertically as well as horizontally.

4)   The color

Because we manage to glance at our teeth almost every day they appear to be in a pretty acceptable shade. However, when you look closely or long enough you’ll realize that they look more yellow than you’d like. A good scale to measure whether they’re just the right shade of white is to compare them with the whites of your eyes. If the shades match, congratulations! However, make sure they’re not whiter than the whites of the eyes.

5)   The gums

Strong gums mean strong teeth. Similarly, perfectly symmetrical gums mean perfectly symmetrical teeth. Always check if the gums are even, right from one end to the other. Are they too visible when you smile? Do they make you look like you’re auditioning for a movie along the lines of Dumb and Dumber? Most importantly, are they in the pink of health? Receding or blackened gums are a big no-no, in terms of both, health and beauty.

You obviously don’t need to be told twice about the wonders a gorgeous smile can work for yourself, more than anyone else. Stay in constant touch with a well-qualified and reputed cosmetic dentist. Ask questions (no matter how stupid) and seek counsel, for all you know, your dentist may just tell you how some little imperfections make your smile perfect. And that isn’t a very bad thing either.

Today’s feature writer, Liam Gabriel, works with Advanced Dental Artistry, a dental clinic which provides an extensive range of dental solutions in Morley, CA. He enjoys spending time with his family on weekends and the holidays.


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