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As we all know, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can have some devastating effects. The risks range from serious sunburn and heatstroke through to skin cancer, not forgetting the aging effect it has on the skin. Staying out of the sun has to be one of the best beauty and health secrets that there are, but sometimes this is just not possible. In this article we’ll talk about skincare in the sun, and give you some top tips to help you plan for a summer holiday knowing you and your children will be kept safe.

Sun Cream is Vital

Of course, it is essential that you pack plenty of good quality sun cream with a high SPF. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it represents the level of protection that particular cream will give you from the sun. For example, applying a SPF 50 sun cream will allow you to stay in the sun for up to 50 times longer before you burn. In extreme heat, you should always use a high factor cream, and make sure that you apply new layers really regularly, particularly after swimming. If you or your children burn then you need to get out of the heat for a few days as any further exposure will do more damage. After being out in the sun, use an after-sun cream which will soothe and moisturize your skin (which will be very dry from the sun).

Buy UV Suits for the Kids

Children’s delicate skin is particularly susceptible to damage from the sun, but you can buy them UV suits which cover their entire torso and protect them from burning. You can get short sleeve arm/leg ones or long sleeve. They double as a swimming costume and will protect your little ones as they run in and out of the sea.

Sun Accessories

The more prepared that you are when you hit the beach, the better. Bring sunglasses with a UV filter on them and sunhats for everyone in the family. Sunhats are great, particularly the ones which protect the neck area too. Direct sunlight on a little head will cause sunstroke really easily, so make sure you don’t forget the hats. It’s worth bringing a t-shirt for everyone too – when they are fed up of wearing their wet UV suit they can throw a t-shirt on which will cover their belly, shoulders and back without them getting too hot.

Seek Shade

Try and pick a spot on the beach which has some natural shade – for example next to a rock or a tree. If that isn’t possible then bring your own parasol to put up. Bear in mind that you can still burn in the shade, so never go without the sun cream. However the shade will provide a very welcome respite from the midday sun.

Every parent should take their skincare responsibilities seriously if they want to protect the health of themselves and their children. Keep your wits about you, and if the sun is really hot then try and plan some indoor activities so that you all get a break – for example an indoor swimming pool.

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