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The stresses and strains of modern life certainly get on top of everyone from time to time, and it’s no surprise. Life is more hectic than ever, with everybody wanting things done yesterday and not enough hours in the day. While this is just the way things are, you will be far more resilient to the stress of it all if you factor some regular time out for yourself into your life. Don’t look at it as a luxury – it’s an essential if you want to be effective at everything else that you do.

Here are some ideas for getting some much-needed time out – what takes your fancy?

A Spa Day

There is nothing like a spa day for relaxing you, reviving you and making you feel good as new. You’ll have to leave your cell phone in the locker, so there’s one less hassle for you right there. It’s hard to get stressed about anything while you’re sitting in your dressing gown having your feet massaged! Book yourself in for a day a month – you’ll love being pampered as the stress of life melts away from you. You’ll get back to your life with renewed vigor and loads more energy – and you’ll look great too!

A Long Walk

long walk

A long walk is great for straightening out a frazzled mind. At least once a week, prioritize a long walk. Time it with a day when the weather forecast is good, and go to different places each time. Let yourself get a little lost too – it’s a great feeling when you get back on track! Take the time to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the environment that you are in. Nature is a great leveler, and a brilliant way to get all of your problems back into perspective. Try it right now!

A Girlie Night

What problem can’t be fixed by a bunch of your best mates drinking wine around your kitchen table?! If it all feels like it’s getting too much then put a call out to your buddies and invite them over for a good old chin wag. You’ll feel so much better, and you won’t be the only one! The chances are that your friends are feeling as shattered as you are, so help each other out by giving each other some company. Who knows what problems you’ll solve as the wine goes down?!

A Weekend Away

If you are really craving some space, then why not take yourself off for a solitary weekend away? This can be a weekend where you can do whatever you please – even if it’s just relaxing and watching films in a hotel room?! Pick somewhere you’ve never been before so that you can spend some time people-watching and exploring your new environment. You’ll come home feeling so much happier and more relaxed, and looking forward to seeing everybody again.

Regular time out is essential for every single human being on the planet. If you are feeling stressed and you’re not giving yourself a break then it’s time to change that!

The author of this post, Neena Jackson, is a beautician who works at Pink Lime, a salon based in Vancouver, BC. She enjoys her job and often indulges in gardening and home brewing in her leisure time.


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