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Every day, people talk to each other. And these daily conversations involve the use of the mouth which, of course, includes the lips. They can be distractive or attractive. Lips that are dry and scaly are distractive but full lips and smooth-looking lips are attractive. Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body skin. It should be taken care of gently. Lips can be prone to sores and buying exposed skin care balms may help in cases where sensitive lips experience sores or burns.

There are two kinds of burn that the lips can experience. First is called the wind-burn and second is sun-burn. When you get a wind-burn, mostly related to colds, your lips can appear scaly and white. To treat this, you can lather on a lip balm with soothing ingredients or a petroleum jelly. According to some makeup enthusiasts, using a toothbrush to lather petroleum jelly can help remove the dead skin cells on the lips. Also, drink plenty of water because wind burned lips are signs or symptoms of a pending colds or flu.

On the other hand, when you get a sun-burn, you need to make sure the lips are moist at all times and you can do this by also using the same product – petroleum jelly. In case you experience pain, you can use a soothing gel to ease the pain. Do not drink hot water; cool it down a bit before you drink it. Drinking hot water may worsen your lips’ condition. Drink lukewarm water instead, or cold water but not too cold. Water also helps to reduce the anti-aging effects of the skin. For further detail on anti aging you can read lifecell reviews.

Once you have made remedies for the issues mentioned above, you can now start your makeup session. What you need for your lips are lipstick with color of your choice, lip balm for hydrating purpose, and lip gloss.

Now, here’s how you put on lipstick or lip gloss:

  1. First, make sure you do not get lipstick on your teeth. You can do that by removing excess lipstick. Put your finger between your upper and lower lips and press them both against your finger.
  2. Make proper color combinations so you do not end up looking like a clown. If you are wearing dark eye makeups, use light color for your face and your lips. If you use dark-colored lipstick, use light color on face and eyes.
  3. To make your lips look plump or full, apply lip liner a little bit outside your lip line then put on lipstick to cover until the line you’ve applied.
  4. There are no specific rules as to what you should use in applying lipstick but you can make one for yourself. Others would use their middle finger. Some would prefer to use lip brush. And still, others would apply it straight from the lipstick tube. Choose yours. There should be no restriction about this as you know what is best for you.
  5. To make your lipstick stay on longer, use lip liner as your base. You can actually use lip liner before or after putting on lipstick. But always make sure the lip liner goes with the color of your lipstick.
  6. Use lipstick color that matches your age; a color that would make you look natural and not make you look like you are trying hard to be something or someone you are not.


Author : Jannie has interest in beauty and skin related stuffs. She has written many anti aging products reviews including lifecell reviews on her blog


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