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It is a rare person who is 100% happy with their face and body. The sad reality is that most people would change at least one aspect of themselves, even if it meant spending a huge amount of money on expensive cosmetic surgery procedures. So what if there was an alternative? What if you could post pictures on Facebook of yourself post boob job, but without actually having to go under the knife?

There are apps for everything if you have time to spend browsing in the iTunes or Google Play store. App developers are always trying to come up with new fun apps, so it is not surprising that there are several apps designed to help you see what you would look like if you chose to have a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Plastic Surgery Simulator App

The Plastic Surgery Simulator app is suitable for all platforms and comes in a free as well as a paid version. The app is basically a photo manipulation tool. Take a new photo or use an existing one and use the app’s photo distortion tools to grow or shrink various body parts. So if you long for a pair of DD’s or a smaller nose, the app will quickly do the job. Once you are happy with the results, post your pictures on social networking sites, email them to friends, or show your ex to make them jealous.

iAugment App

Thinking of having a boob job? If so, this iPhone app is for you. To help you decide, the app enhances a photo to show you the results of breast augmentation. Simply choose an implant and the app will enhance your breasts accordingly. The resultant images can be shared with friends or uploaded on to social networking sites. And if you hate your new implants, all you have to do is shake your phone and away they go.

Build My Bod App

The BuildMyBod app is a free app for iPhone and iPad. Rather than manipulating photos to help you see what the effects of plastic surgery would be, the app gives you all the costs for different aspects of any procedure you are interested so you can decide whether (or not) the cost of your proposed body improvements is affordable. You can even choose a surgeon and contact him or her via the app.

iLipo App

Are you wondering what you would look like minus the extra 200 pounds of fat? Well wonder no more because the iLipo app for iPhone and iPad can help you see what a different liposuction would make to your body. It can also help you see what a difference a nose job, boob job and lots of other cosmetic surgery procedures would make to your life.

Playing around with cosmetic surgery apps is good fun, but it is no substitute for a proper consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. The results of a real life procedure will be very different, so if you are serious about having a cosmetic surgery procedure, make an appointment and find out what to expect.

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About the Author: Today’s feature contributor Jenny Wadlow is a freelance blogger. Fashion and style have always fascinated her and many of her articles focus on disseminating useful suggestions. She is currently working with Aesthetic Dermatology, which offers wrinkle fillers San Francisco. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.


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