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More and more men are clocking on to the fact that skincare is no longer just a woman’s concern. These days there is an entire market dedicated to skincare for men, but if you are new to the game then you may well need a lesson right from the beginning. After all, buying the product is just the start of it – you then need to learn how to use it correctly! It can seem like a minefield when you start, as there is a lot to learn. But don’t worry – you will get the hang of it, and there are plenty of expert women around to help you out.

Here are the basics that you need to know when it comes to looking after your skin:


Skin needs regular cleansing, and we’re not just talking about a quick wipe with a flannel. In order for you to get your skin really clean you need to use a good quality cleanser. After a shower, apply the cleanser with a cotton pad and sweep it around your face in little circles. This will help you get all the little bits of dirt and grime out of your pores that the shower just won’t reach. Remove every trace of the cleanser with the cotton pads, and then you’re ready for the next step!


So, once your face is properly cleansed, you need to apply some toner. This helps to protect and nourish the skin, and it is also great for minimizing marks and blemishes. Apply it onto your face, again using cotton pads, and wipe it all over your face. If you are really taking your skincare seriously, you could consider applying some face serum afterwards. This is great for your skin and provides an extra protective layer.


The final (and probably the most important) part is to moisturize your skin. You will need a good quality moisturizer that is rich in nutrients. It’s also good if the cream has a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) built in. Apply it to your face with your fingers and rub it in until it disappears. Moisturizing your skin regularly will make a massive difference to your skin. It will feel smoother, it’ll look great and it is less likely to dry out if the weather is cold.

So – it’s really just as simple as cleansing, toning and moisturizing then! Do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night and you’ll make a huge difference to your skin. Beyond all this, it’s important to drink loads of water so your skin looks healthy and hydrated. Many men choose to book an appointment with a dermatologist so that they can learn from an expert. A dermatologist is somebody who is an expert in all sorts of skin care and skin conditions, and they can tell you how best to care for your particular type of skin – everybody is different. So if you’re still feeling a little confused, then seek out a dermatologist in your local area who will give you all the answers.

This post has been contributed by Tori Wilson, a receptionist at Renovo MD, a clinic specializing in coolsculpting procedures in Worchester, Massachusetts. She is a complete foodie and she enjoys exploring the different cuisines around her vicinity in her free time.


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