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What to carry? How to keep the failsafe makeup kit close at hand without piling on the luggage? How to look good with access to limited resources? And most importantly, how to resist the temptation to over-pack?

Quick tip: Every time you’re tempted to carry something that you can certainly do without, chant to yourself, “I need to carry these bags all by myself.” It will pull you back to reality and common sense. Having said that, these are the basic makeup things you should include into your travel kit:

    • Sunscreen: You can very well afford to travel without looking like the pretty lady that you are. But you certainly can’t afford to leave your precious skin exposed to a weather your skin isn’t accustomed to. A quality sunscreen lotion with an SPF more than 15 makes a very trusty companion.

    • Foundation: The obvious and right choice of foundation would be one that is long-wearing and oil-free. If your destination is of a humid weather, go for a tinted moisturizer that’s thin enough so your pores can breathe easy and won’t even melt. Another worthy investment would be a natural mineral based foundation.
    • Lip color: Lip-color involves three things- lipstick, lip-gloss and lip-balm. Carry a matte-finish lipstick that lasts super long, comes with SPF protection and moisturizing properties, so the life isn’t sucked out of your lips. A lip gloss helps cover the look for the night, by giving the lips some much needed glamour. And a lip balm keeps the lips healthy when you’re not wearing the other two.

    • Eye-shadow: When on travel, carry just two shades of eye-shadow. A lighter shade for the day and a darker one for the night. The biggest trouble with eye-shadows is that they come in that long tray of an assortment of colors. And those things are huge pigs for space. You can either buy a two or three shade eye-shadow, or, simply scrape the required shades into little containers.
    • Primer: Travel involves sweating or makeup falling apart making you look like a disaster in motion. This is where a primer comes to the rescue. An eye shadow primer prevents your eye shadow from fading, while a face primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, thus providing protection from reactions like acne. As an added benefit some primers also offer SPF protection, so, take your pick.
    • Blush: You can apply that “two shades only” principle of the eye-shadow to the blush as well. Choose one light shade for the day, ideally something from the peach color palette. Whereas for the night, you can include a shade that’s on the heavier side of the color palette, something like bronze, gold or coral red.
    • Eyeliner: Just one stick of smudge-free kohl should be more than sufficient, for the day as well as night. In addition, it should also be able to last for at least six hours, without making you look like a raccoon.

  • Mascara: I honestly don’t see this as an essential, because, flight regulations let you carry only a specific amount of liquids on board. But let’s not be unfair to the ladies who don’t have naturally long and dramatic eyelashes. Again, just one bottle of non-smudge and non-runny mascara will suffice.
  • Brushes: No one expects you to apply makeup with your bare fingers, no matter how pressed for space you are. The brushes kit should consist of a foundation brush, an eye-shadow brush and a blush brush. You can pack these brushes in a Zip-lock pouch, separated from the other cosmetics.
  • Makeup Remover: Instead of carrying a liquid makeup remover (airport regulations, remember?) you can opt for wet wipes as they’re space-friendly, convenient and works just as well as the remover.

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About the author: Torres McCarthy is a well-known fashion blogger. A lot of readers appreciate his fashion sense and valuable tips. He is a firm believer that mineral makeup is more than just a new beauty trend, it claims various health benefits for skin as well.

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