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Most women today are all working. They are the new generation of women who balances life with family and work. These often would result to hectic schedules and hours that seem chased by seconds. These may cause sometimes for you to forget yourself. You may spend more time cooking breakfast that putting on a lipstick!


It is hard to balance everything while making yourself still look presentable. But then, women thrive in this. The thing is, you just have to find time for yourself too. Although it doesn’t include now your 30 minute make up routine, still you have to have some practical solutions to it. Here are some.

Tips for Mums on the Go

  1. Have a great haircut. Spend a couple of dollars for this. Have a low maintenance one but would still steal the scene. Have a medium length cut that isn’t too short and isn’t too long. Layer it and have your stylist put a style in it so it won’t look boring.
  2. Invest on good foundation and concealer. This will help hide your dark eye circles, some pimple marks and many more. A good one will help you look natural and refreshed and not tired at the start of the day.
  3. Never leave your house without a gloss or a lipstick. You can opt for a shimmery one to help brighten your look. That would be a fast touch up.
  4. Sweep mascara. This will help you achieve a bright eyed look and will subtract all the hours that you haven’t slept. Keep it clean and use one that will lengthen your lashes. Then curl it. That would make a big difference in your look.
  5. Invest on long lasting nail polish. There are nail polishes which can last long without chipping. Also to be able to avoid a dirty chipping look with your nails, try to reapply clear nail polish every two days, this will make it last longer and chip no more.
  6. Drink water. This will help you look refreshed and may keep you from being stressed out. It will also keep your skin glowing.
  7. Dress rightly. It doesn’t mean that you have kids that you will settle for the mummy looking pairs. Dress smartly. You can dress smartly without looking like a granny and without spending a fortune.
  8. Take a time to calm down and breathe out. A little meditation for the day will help clear your mind and ease away stress. This will help you avoid wrinkles here and there too.

Easing your mind from stress of job and family may be a bit hard than you can imagine. But a little practice and this can be achieved. These beauty tips are just few of the thousands you need can do to still look pretty for the day.

Keeping yourself healthy might be the key too to avoid being burnt out. Eat healthy and you will also look good.

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