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Whether you use a wig for purely cosmetic purposes, or you use one to cover up the baldness caused by things like chemotherapy and alopecia cause; you need to make sure it is well cared-for. Wigs that are neglected will just not last that long, and with costs rising for good quality wigs you can’t afford to let it deteriorate. Wigs are made either from human hair or synthetic hair (with human hair wigs lasting for far longer with the right care, and therefore more expensive). In this article we will focus on human hair wigs and tell you how best to look after them. Follow our steps and you won’t go far wrong:


Make sure that you have removed all knots and tangles with a comb before you get the hair wet. It will be far easier to brush and dry afterwards this way. Get a bowl of water ready (don’t use hot water – lukewarm is best) and select a shampoo that has no parabens – you can find specialist human hair wig shampoos on the internet. Never use medicated shampoo as it is just too harsh. Make sure you have a towel to dry it off at the ready, and once the wig is tangle-free, move onto the next step.

The Washing

Firstly, turn your wig inside out and soak it in a bowl of lukewarm water with shampoo added for about ten minutes. You’ll need to be really careful with it – you can’t rub it like you would a human head because there is no scalp to work against, and being too rough will cause strands to fall out. Rinse the shampoo out really carefully, and then put a good quality conditioner on – this will help smooth the hair out so that brushing is easier afterwards. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to brush knots out of a tangled wig!

The Drying

Gently lift the wig out of the water and give it an extra rinse to make sure no products are left in. Carefully wring out excess water and pat the wig dry with a hand towel. Use a comb to get the wig back into the right shape and dry it with a hairdryer on the lowest heat level. Some people get a wig block to put the wig on while they are drying it in order to keep it still. You’ll find wig blocks for sale on the internet and it is well-worth investing in one – it’s a great place to store your wig when you’re not using it too. Once it’s dry, comb out the tangles and add any styling products that you want to use. Try not to use more products than you absolutely have to.

Because human hair wigs are up to three times more expensive than synthetic wigs, it’s really important that you care for your wig in the right way. Don’t over-wash it – even a wig that you wear every day will only need washing around once a week, or even once a fortnight.

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About the Author: Jenny Wadlow, the author of this post, is a frequent blogger and works for Havana Technical Hair Design, a provider of human hair wigs for women in Vancouver. She has many years of experience in this field and likes to share her expertise through her blog posts.


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