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View beautiful and perfect in public, the Hollywood celebrities tend to always visit the treatment beauty centers. However, this is not true for the artist Gwyneth Paltrow on the board. she’s confessed, she’s beauty awake during this routine maintenance to the traditional way with a fairly simple, not with the progress of technology.

As quoted in Femalefirst, stars film “Iron Man” Gwneth Paltrow has confessed a secret special behind the skin soft and luminous. Perhaps softness in the skin can be due to the vocalist wife group band Coldplay, Chris Martin has always diligent smear her body with the dough coffee, olive oil and honey.

Have the beauty that is also not unusual to make Gwyneth become arrogant and stingy to share beauty secrets. Thus to help the Fans in order to be pretty spectacular show, she was willing to share own beauty tips is to appear in the site GOOP with title “Five-minute Makeover.”

This is understandable Gwyneth explains, it only takes five minutes to get even beauty can through all the materials available in the kitchen.
Want to try beauty tips ala Gwyneth Paltrow, you can also follow the guide.

For skin rejuvenation and clean up the skin pore-pore, at the beginning of the Gwyneth usually blend olive oil, coffee powder and turbinado sugar, and rub all the ingredients to the entire body and warm up with a towel.

Then continue with the ritual in the beauty, in the next stage, he also spread a mixture of wheat and honey left briefly, and then cleaned again with a warm towel. This is a very effective way to make the skin become softer body. At the end, refine aloe vera and spread to the entire body to mitigate irritation or skin milk.
In addition, in order skin not become dry, Gwyneth also often apply the extra virgin coconut oil on the entire body after bathing.

Not only to share tips of the body, but the artist was 36 years old is also a special way to share the bag that she often used his eyes so that it always looks fresh. How simple this is not another cold foam with glue under the eyes, or cotton that has been dye in the fresh milk, not surprising Gwyneth always the center of attention.

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