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Personal trainers play a vital role in the lives of people who are seeking to reach or maintain a specific fitness level. While their jobs are founded on the basis of interaction, having too much or too little of the latter along with a nonchalant attitude and authoritative demeanor can drive many personal trainers on the edge. Here are five ways that you can annoy your personal trainer.

Failing to disclose your health information. Your personal trainer should be knowledgeable about any medications you may be taking, injuries you may have sustained, or any other health related issues. Such information will help your trainer to design the ideal plan for your specific situation. If you choose to withhold vital details about your health, your condition may worsen or  you may suffer additional injuries. Whether your personal trainer asks you for such facts, it’s important that you take the initiative to inform him/her of any medical conditions, injuries, or any other health-related issues that may be affected by the types of exercises you perform.

Expecting spectacular results, but doesn’t want to put in the required effort. After signing up to train for a specific number of days for the week, many people do not fulfill their obligation. Some may skip sessions and resume their workouts with the belief that they should have shed a few pounds. However, instead of releasing the weight, they ended up packing on the pounds. Such a scenario is bound to annoy any personal trainer who has already provided you with a blueprint for shedding those unwanted pounds.

Being late for your sessions. Tardiness shows a lack of commitment and dedication to achieving your fitness goals. While emergencies may arise from time to time, a consistent series of late arrivals without valid reasons is grounds for concern. Many personal trainers work on an hourly basis with their clients. Take as as an example, if a client were to show up a few minutes late and expect the personal trainer to extend the session for an hour in order to make up the time missed.  This could lead to a ripple effect of late sessions for the personal trainer, since he/she may have had other clients lined up after you. If your trainer were to add the extra minutes missed in your session, it may end up costing him/her several clients.

Sharing too much about your personal life. Personal trainers are available to assist you with meeting your fitness goals. Speaking to them about your issues that are not fitness related is stepping overboard. Trainers can eventually become frustrated when they have to redirect you to the exercise routine. Remember that your personal trainer is not a therapist, therefore he/she shouldn’t be treated as such.

Developing your own plan. When personal trainers create a workout plan, they expect you to follow it to the letter. You shouldn’t be competing with your personal trainer to see whether your workout routines work better. The main reason you hired that person is so that he/she could assist you with your fitness goals. That’s why you should spend more time performing the recommended exercises and consuming the appropriate foods.

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