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How to get ripped abs? That’s a question I used to ask myself. I used to do all the wrong things to try and get my abs more defined.

I was at a point where they kept disappearing and reappearing and I did all the wrong things, I ate like crap and I did the wrong things thinking that they were the right things. I am going to tell you the 4 things that you need to avoid doing so that the results show and don’t go away.

1. More Is Less

I used to do lots of ab exercises with zero results(10 set crunches), when I gave up and stuck to doing 3 sets of crunches I did not even notice that my abs were getting more defined and a friend pointed it out. The best way to get best way to get your abs ripped is to do isolation exercises, and as an extra when doing crunches hold a weight to get more out of the exercise (it’s harder but worth it).

Actually I heard that if you have your nutrition in place it is somewhat possible to get better abs, a guy on Facebook Artus Sukru, claimed that he wakes up in the very early morning and trains his abs for 45 minutes on an empty stomach(he does not do crunches though).

So this myth is only a myth if you do it and it does not work for you, we all have different bodies after all.

2. Eating Like Crap

Lots of people do that, even if you’re skinny thinking that you can eat anything won’t help you get 6 pack abs.

When I got a 6 pack for the first time I didn’t know how I got it, I was drinking a lot of water and I wasn’t eating any junk food at the time, so that contributed to me getting my abs before they disappeared for the first time. There is no avoiding this; we all need to watch what we eat, unless you have muscle friendly genes.

3. People On Magazines Are Born With 6 Packs

I read this one on a forum somewhere, this is complete bull! I wasn’t even born with muscle friendly genes and I managed to get a 6 pack by accident, how are the models on magazine covers any different. Try to filter out the incoming bullshit that comes from various sources, you are better off not associating with certain people.

4. Sit Ups Get You a 6 Pack

I do sit ups and they are great for the legs but sit ups barely have anything to do with abs. The captain’s chair leg raise is great and happens to be my favorite abs exercise.

Written by Jake. Jake is fitness trainer and a part time blogger who loves to write on health and fitness topics. He had recently reviewed products from Biomex Labs, an innovative pharmaceutical company that produces performance enhancing products.


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