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It’s all very well having an exercise routine when you are home a lot and can get into a routine. But many people are away for extended periods of time – particularly people who travel for business. Because of their transient lifestyle they can find it hard to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. It’s hard, but not impossible, and with increasing amounts of exercise equipment on the market there is a solution for everyone – you can even get folding treadmills these days!

Portable exercise equipment is gaining popularity with people who can’t commit to a gym membership. A few basic pieces of equipment are all you need to get started, and you can find equipment which is easy to fold down, carry and store. Some hotels have gyms and swimming pools for customers to use – make the most of them! And if they don’t, then here are some great portable exercise equipment ideas for you to consider:

Fitness Equipment that’s Portable

When shopping for your equipment, be realistic about what you can carry in your car or your hand luggage. Find small weights that you can use for stretches and toning exercises. Resistance bands are a great idea too – they’re easily carried and tuck away into a bag really easily. They are also really light so you’ll have no trouble if you have to conform to airport weight restrictions.

Everybody should have a skipping rope – they’re not just for kids! Skipping is a great way of getting aerobic exercise on the spot with no need for expensive equipment or a lot of space. You can skip in the smallest of hotel rooms – just mind the light fittings!

A fitness DVD is a great idea too – why not spend an hour in your hotel room doing yoga or Pilates? It’ll get you away from all the rubbish on television and you’ll feel great afterwards! A yoga mat is easy to carry around with you and can be folded up into a suitcase.

How about an inflatable exercise ball? These little gadgets are great – simply inflate them when you want to use them, and let them down when you don’t! They are great for all sorts of exercises and stretches – and they are the best way to do sit ups!

The Extras

The main thing to remember is that whenever you travel you should always pack your workout gear – that way whenever the mood takes you, you can get stuck straight in! Always pack a few extra t-shirts and jogging bottoms. You should also always carry a personal stereo so that you can listen to music whenever you feel like exercising. Have a separate bag for your fitness equipment and your workout gear so that you know where it all is – you’ll be less likely to forget something.

You’ll need a lot of energy if you’re constantly on the move – and regular exercise is the best way to achieve this! We all know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep in a lonely hotel bed – but you’ll sleep much better after some exercise – bonus!

About the Author: Today’s featured writer, Jenny Wadlow, is a sports journalist. Her work requires her to constantly be on the move. Being a fitness enthusiast, she swears by folding motorized treadmill for keeping her in top shape. You can follow her on twitter @JennyWadlow.

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