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Doing more isn’t always the right way, especially when you’re working out. Exercising for extended periods of time requires you to perform at a lower intensity level. While you may be spending more time in training, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee you faster results. If you’re looking to accomplish more in less time, you’ll have to increase the intensity of your training sessions. To maximize the time you spend working out, it’s important that you use proper form.

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What is proper form?

Proper form requires concentration, breathing, precision, and control.


What muscles are you working? Make sure to put your all into working out the specific muscles. This will allow you to achieve maximum results as you complete your repetitions.


Breathe freely as you perform each repetition. Remember to exhale as you lift and inhale when you lower the weights. This approach will help you to regulate your breathing pattern.


When you’re embarking on a new exercise routine, it’s important that you use light weights during your workout. Using lighter weights allows you to go through the steps slowly. As you get accustomed to the movements, you can begin increasing the pace at which you operate. Introduce heavier weights into your routine which require you to complete sets in a shorter period of time


When performing your exercises, you should give it your all. Putting forth half-hearted effort only increases the amount of time that is actually required for you to fulfill your fitness goal. Besides giving it your all, you must perform your exercises on a consistent basis. Incorporating  deliberation and consistency into your routine will not only increase your flexibility, but also stimulate the entire muscle.
Now that you’re aware of what is proper form, here are two exercises depicting the importance of quality over quantity that you can use in your own workout.


Start off at a slow pace. While keeping your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent, lift your upper back from the floor with your hands holding your head. As you raise up, make sure that your chin doesn’t touch your chest. Performing crunches at a slower rate increases the amount of work that your muscles must do.

Push Ups

One person can perform a set of 50 pushups where he doesn’t fully engage the necessary parts of his body, thus creating an ineffective set. On the other hand, another person can perform 25 push ups where he fully engages the required parts of his body. In both scenarios, push ups were performed, however the person who completed less push ups ended up having a more effective workout than the one who completed twice as much, simply because of the manner in which he executed the exercise. His push ups were carried out with his head up, back straight, and his chest touching the floor each time he completed one. You can also perform your own push ups. Instead of doing none at all, it’s best that you start with a small number each week. The frequency at which you’ll be performing this exercise is dependent upon your individual needs.

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