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Every career has an occupational hazard or two, and for musicians, one of the biggest risks is damage to the body. When playing any instrument, no matter which one, you are prone to all sorts of strains and injury. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a common complaint, as is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Then there are all the general aches and pains that are associated with putting your body under constant strain. Musicians can rehearse for up to five or six hours a day, before going on to play for hours on end in the evening. If you are a musician then you owe it to your body to look after it, and this means taking preventative measures as well as finding ways to cure existing problems. Not being able to play because of physical damage to your body is something that most musicians don’t want to contemplate, but it is a very real risk and you stand to lose your income if you can’t play. Here are some of the things musicians can do to look after their precious bodies:

Sports Therapy

A sports therapist is well-qualified to manipulate your body and remove tension. They may use many different techniques, but common ones are deep tissue sports massage and acupuncture. They may also be able to offer you tips on your posture while you are playing – many ask to see you playing your instrument so they can see just what is going on with your body while you play. They have trained for years and understand the physiology of your body. Every professional musician needs to consult with a sports therapist regularly.


A trained and qualified physiotherapist can treat you in many ways, both to cure existing problems, and also to prevent new ones from occurring. They will assign you exercises to carry out which will strengthen muscles and stretch them out too. Being experts on physiology, there aren’t many complaints they can’t treat – they also carry out pre and post-surgery work and neurological work as well as helping people with mobility issues. If your body is telling you it needs attention, then a physiotherapist is certainly the best port of call.


Many musicians have weekly or monthly acupuncture sessions. This is an ancient form of medicine and it encourages the release of energy around the body. Many people are cynical about it, but for the thousands of people it helps every day, it is something that is really important for their general wellbeing. The needles are tiny, so put any thought of fear out of your mind – you’ll barely notice them going in. You will feel relaxed immediately after treatment, and your body will feel like it has released an awful lot of stress.

Looking after your body when you use it for your occupation is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s a tool of your trade so you need to look after your body just as much you do your instrument. Don’t risk putting yourself out of work by ignoring the signs that your body sends you.

Author : David Jones is very passionate about sports and he loves to play the drums as well. While practicing, if he gets a sprain or injury, then he consults a Physiotherapist and takes appropriate rest. Being very health conscious ensures him a fast recovery.


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