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Sleep plays a major role in our lives even when we are not sleeping. The quality and amount of sleep that we get during the night affects our productivity the following day and also the quality of of lives. When we do not get quality and the right amount of sleep our social, physical and psychological abilities do not perform at their best. There are various reasons for poor sleep quality such as poor bedtime habits, stress, a poor quality mattresses, insomnia and other sleeping disorders. To better understand the importance of sleep, it is essential to know how lack of sleep can affect your life.

How Lack Of Sleep Affects Health

When you are sleep deprived, your health becomes seriously affected and your body weight eventually drops. The risk of suffering from high blood pressure also increases and this can lead to various heart conditions as well as stroke. If you are pregnant, lack of sufficient sleep can also lead to severe complications and affect your unborn child. Your immune system can also weaken and greatly affect the ability for the body to heal wounds.

Mood Changes when Sleep Deprived

The first thing that changes when you are unable to sleep well for a number of nights is your mood. You will also notice that your nerves will constantly be on edge, no matter how small an issue may be.  Once you begin to feel irritable and do not take control of the situation, it can lead to depression or even aggression. For those who suffer from severe sleep deprivation and other disorders, hallucinations can also occur. Others experience paranoia, confusion and can even experience the sysmptoms of certain psychiatric conditions.

Social Changes

When you suffer from lack of sleep, the consequences not only affect you, but also those around you. Irregular sleeping patterns can also disturb others such as spouses, parents and even children. Socializing will not be easy when you are sleep deprived and this includes your working relationships. Becoming aware of how your lack of sleep is affecting your mood or someone else’s who you live or work with will help you take control and make changes to your sleeping habits.

Can You Perform Well Without Sleep?

It is simply impossible to perform your best when you feel exhausted. Concentration and focus will be difficult to achieve which can affect your creativity and thinking. Your decision making process is affected and you might end up making bad decisions most of the time causing unnecessary problems. Overall, productivity suffers greatly when you are deprived of sleep.

The Benefits of Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is one of the most important aspects of your well being. When you sleep well, you become:

  • more attractive and sociable
  • healthier and fit. You will be able to maintain your weight, thus avoiding weight gain
  • alert, patient and quick in solving difficult problems
  • better in your performance in sports and other physical activities
  • skillful and you will find it easier to learn new things
  • more productive at work and at play

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About the author: Valerie Collins is a freelance writer specializing in wellness and the health benefits of mattresses from Parklane Mattresses. She regularly offers information and advice related to sleeping disorders, health and well-being concerns, and how lack of sleep affects people.

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