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Headache is a common complaint for every person. To be sure, if the headache appears to interfere with the activity. Here are tips to prevent headaches:

  • Identify your triggers. Begin to track what is causing the headache pain by writing a record in your diary. Write down what you ate that day, how’s the weather or your position at that time to identify the pattern. After knowing what triggers a headache, you can take steps to avoid it.
  • Reduce stress. Although it is impossible to avoid stress but you can reduce its impact. Learn how to fight it like playing the tape for relaxation, long bath, massage or anything that can minimize the impact of stress on your body.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking is a risk factor for several types of headaches. Even the cigarette or cigar smoke can trigger headaches for some people.
  • Avoid dependency on free medicines are easily bought in the market. If you must drink a maximum dose of more than 2-3 times a week better come to the doctor. Because the medication is not always effective to liberate themselves from a headache, let alone taking the drugs will actually interfere with the stomach.
  • Limit alcohol. If you like drinking alcohol start to reduce them. Beer and some red wine trigger headaches for many people.
  • Get used to sleep regularly. Keeping a regular bedtime to reduce migraine but most sleep will trigger a migraine. Fatigue also may be one cause of headaches.
  • 7. Eat regularly. Ignoring a meal can trigger headaches for some people. Eat healthy foods rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and drink lots of water can keep you from dehydration.
  • Exercise or exercise regularly. Exercise routine, whether a light such as walking or parking lot while at the mall or the office can be a stress reducer. Do aerobics with a little warming could be causing headaches.
  • Keep your eye. Lingering in front of the computer all day can cause eyestrain that trigger pressure to the head. Some people wear special glasses to avoid these effects.
  • Sitting up straight. Notice how you call, how to carry a bag, how to sit in the back of the car is a habit that sometimes initiated the headaches can cause muscle spasms, neck and shoulders which then refers to the tension in the head.

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