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Do you belong a worrier? Do you often angry, fast offended, worried easy or often in a condition of guilty taste? If it’s true, actually it’s demote your invulnerability body system, danger for healthy, your idea , and in your complicate alive. you should not like that, so we can help ourselves by:

  • Master to worry – Only throw away time if we always rue past and worry about future. let us move it out from ourselves, with alive at present day and stop to think so far.
  • Don’t congest angry – Maybe you are really noisy with another person, but it’s meaning you must gulp all of the bad behavior your accept. Don’t doubtful to speak and unfold feeling. Because if you aren’t do it, You will have risk of depression, felt sad. And the bad effect you will change into quiet hothead, it’s people who too quiet and can not to identified problem actually, even angry hit trifling matter and simple.
  • Learn to averse – Don’t accept load that exceed our ability. Before another person need our help, ask in our self, we felt suitable and will to do it or no.
  • Stop to be hero – You must become good listener and friend, but there isn’t to make a sacrifice for them, it will make your suffer because their suffering.
  • Eat wisely – If we felt stress, don’t drink alcohol, eat fast food , or cigarette to unburden it. All this will cause mood more confuse and will increase tired, and it will evoke feeling depress and worried with make our self more tense.
  • Learn to relax – Have time to go from routine activity,make our self happy with massaged, meditation, take counsel with psychologist and take exercise to release strains and make easy self to felt relax.
  • Have recourse – Everyone incapable to alive self. So we must stop to think about opinion that everything must we do by self.
  • Live up – More people said that alive only once, so exploited. This isn’t mean that we must forget stress, but try more enjoy your life with many activity without force upon self works too hard or chase more money or hope to follow another person.
  • Get fact – Even our perfection plan can fail. so, are we must worried over if our plan not success look like our willing ?. Try to be more can get the fact, so we shall not repentant.
  • Practice Meditation – Especially for many problems, practice meditation, based on watchfulness, 80% person doesn’t breathe truly, so try to do series special respiration.
  • Balance of alive – Work that then without we glad of course can make stress. Amuse then without work it’s also can got the same impact, the different is kind of stress. Avoiding the load that you feel unnecessary, and make your alive are balance in job, comfort, association, and breathing space for own.
  • Smile – Don’t life always with the serious face. Believe, with loosen attitude to life, we can got more happier for alive.

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