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With sky high premiums in dental care, one shudders to think of the day when smiles would be history and only frowns and furrowed brows would be the welcome facial reactions.  Tooth decay is not new and it’s not stopping anytime soon; figuratively speaking, it’s on the rise.
Most of us silently suffer, especially when we cannot afford to do something about the disbanding pain, especially when it plays truant and hits most in the dead of the night. Some of us suffer that too silently, and we wish for a magical potion to cure all those irate and frustrating moments. So let’s take a look at how we can actually get better discounted dental care by avoiding two important foods that cause the dreaded condition of decaying teeth.

An overview:

The rise of tooth decay across the nation and the world is mainly because of what we consume. The old adage of ‘you are what you eat’ also shows up with tooth issues and problems. The quality of food we consume these days is questionable, and more so with the load of junks and sugary delights we are tempted with. This not only leads to a host of other health related issues, but also poses to be a threat to perfect oral care and hygiene. This is probably the only reason why discounted health plans and effective dental programs can help you achieve perfect, healthy teeth.
There are two groups of foods which can be rightfully blamed for tooth cavity issues.

1. Fruits that are highly acidic

Limes and lemons, yes, they look humble and delicious, but they can play havoc. Did you know a little of the enamel is broken down by these two fruits, especially, if they are consumed in large amounts. Over time the enamel would give way and hence tooth decay would happen for real. If you suck on grapefruit, lemons and limes, it’s best to stop doing that for good. Be healthy with your eating habits and ensure that you brush twice every day, especially after consuming lime and citrus fruits which are high in their acidic content. And don’t ignore the same fruits are juices or flavored popsicles; you would have decay knocking your teeth soon.

2. Remember when mommy said NO SUGAR, she was speaking for your own good

Refined sugars especially those which are found in sweets and candies can actually bring about massive tooth decay. The sugary substance sticks to the teeth (the enamel in this case). When the gluing and growing continues, it gets tough for the bacteria in your mouth to wash away the sugar sticking to your enamel. So when you bring down the consumption of sugary stuff and sweets, you would automatically bring down the chances of tooth decay as well.
So in order to enjoy the perfect smile, it’s best to take care of those pearly whites and do all that it takes to save you from the deadly dentist visits. After all, a stitch in time is all that you need to make sure that you do what’s best for you as well as your teeth.

Written by Judith Jones. Judith Jones is a regular blogger who writes on a wide range of topic. When she is not busy, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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