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Decades ago, internationals were coming in from all over the world just to come to America. America seemed to hold so many endless dreams of anyone that would come. However, the American dream has taken on a completely new idea. Rather than is being the place for people to come and get a new start or to come make money to support a family, America is home of the workaholic. In fact if you are not a workaholic, you may not get very far. Working over 40 hours a week is not uncommon and people are wearing themselves out. We are slowly killing ourselves to pursue this so-called “American Dream” What all do we need to change? Is it really worth it?

Sleeping Patterns

With all of these energy drinks and caffeine that Americans are filling themselves up with, sleep becomes almost impossible. Even when we do fall asleep, sadly we still usually don’t get a very good nights sleep. Most Americans don’t get the normal amount of sleep required. They lie awake with a million things running through their head along with the caffeine from the coffee they drank earlier in the day. Sleeping pills will only work for so long. So what else can help get a good sleep? Diet.


Heart Disease is the number one killer in America. Health scientists have proven that this disease is mainly caused by our diet. With all the fast food and processed meat that we consume, we are giving our bodies a much harder time than they need. Through much study, many researchers have found that a whole food, vegetable base diet is exactly what your body needs. By cutting out the sugar and high caffeine levels, you get a much better night sleep and have more energy through the day. I know, you have heard it a thousand times, but I’m telling you because I have tried it, and it really works. Diet is like the secret ingredient fixing our health.


Second is our safety. This generation is much more dangerous to live in than the past, and we must take that into account. Sadly our generation has deteriorated in the sense of criminal activity. Having a home security system is absolutely essential. The new American dream now requires high tech home alarm monitoring systems to protect not only our belongings but also our lives. The new systems now have features to view your home security cameras right from your smart phone and even call emergency vehicle from your phone as well. It all may seem like too much, and even an unneeded amount of security and technology, but when it comes down to it, it’s exactly what every American should have.

Sadly the new American dream is completely different from the ones from generations before. Americans health is seriously suffering to these new goals that are set up to high. It is a constant battle to attain the most honor and attention in America. However, with the right choices, you can get your health back into line and still reap the benefits of this American Dream.

Author:Katelyn Loy Sampels is a dedicated writer for Smith Monitoring Systems, cellist, guitarist, singer and songwriter. Up and coming musician.
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