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Water therapy (Hydrotherapy) is a natural therapy and effective to cures uncomfortable syndrome consequence woman pre-menstruation, pregnant and menopause. Hydrotherapy will help you to relax and oppose strains that evoked by changes hormonal. The following are techniques Hydrotherapy to every illness.

  • Water in the form of liquid, solid, or steam can be used to effective therapy and cure uncomfortable special in woman. Water helps to regulate body temperature, take outside poison, and stimulate or calm the nerve system.
  • Bath a moment under cold water shower can help to give you energy, especially in phenomenon of depression or anxiety.
  • Use warm water or hot to entire bodies or certain body parts during bath, shower can help to decrease tension syndrome consequence nerve pre-menstruation or menopause.
  • Ice water or cold water very effective to decreases blood circulation disturbance consequence ankle swelling or conglomeration consequence (retention) of water.
  • Submerged in hot water helps to cure stoppage nose and relax body perfectly. But, woman are suffer low blood pressure to do it must carefully.
  • Steam bath and treatment use another water to make comfort specially for woman can increase blood stream to skin surface, it push out sweat, and all at once clean body from within out.
  • Adding several essential oils to steam maker tool (vaporizer) to producing hot steam and helping to sleep when you are experience of difficult sleep, especially for pregnant woman in latest trimester. (oil essential and tangerine suggested to help comfort sleep, because both doesn’t has whatever side effects).
  • Bath at shower, especially if espoused with scrub body uses spons or coarse textured cloth, will increase skin respiration and stimulate metabolism, blood circulation, and current oxygen. This matter can be important reservist during menopause.
  • Bath to stimulate stomach region and pelvis irrigation, calm syndrome phenomenons of pre-menstruation and menopause.

Note : you may need consult with your doctor before practicing hydrotherapy.

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