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Cockroaches are despised by home, restaurant and business owners. They seem to materialize out of nowhere. One minute, your kitchen sink is spotless, and then you turn your back for a few seconds and find a roach crawling about. These insects are so prolific too. They’re often found in filthy or grubby places, yet even the most pristine surroundings can hide a roach or two as well. The problem about having roaches around is that these creatures are bringers of so many different types of disease-causing microorganisms. So, to those who want to know if roaches can cause illnesses, then the answer is a definite “yes”.

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So, you should be aware of health issues associated with cockroach presence in homes, hospitals or business centers.

1. Cockroaches can live almost anywhere. They can happily exist in sewers, and they are glad when surrounded with rotting food, feces, contaminated dressings or bandages, or decomposing paper, vegetable matter, or meats. What they can’t stand is a clean environment. Because roaches exist in filthy places and wallow around in soiled things, it’s not a surprise that all sorts of bacteria, viruses and parasites become attached onto their bodies. Furthermore, many studies also confirm that the guts or cockroaches harbor diverse communities of microorganisms. So, it’s no wonder that these creatures spread organisms that cause dysentery, poliomyelitis, gastroenteritis, and bowel infections, among others.

2. Roaches worsen allergies and lung conditions. How? Well, when cockroaches die, their bodies dry up and some parts become dust and these combine with air. The contaminated air can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory conditions. Aside from body parts, the saliva, feces, egg shells, and outer shells of these insects can also disintegrate and further pollute the air. Asthma sufferers, most especially children, are the ones most at risk because they often react to the allergens. A certain protein from cockroach debris triggers asthma too. Asthma is a dangerous condition because it can worsen, and once it does, a severe asthmatic attack can lead to death.

3. Cockroaches contaminate food and other possessions. Once a roach crawls on a surface, it leaves behind so many kinds of pathogens. It also produces a distinct offensive odor. Therefore, food that’s been tainted by roaches should be thrown away immediately. It is also important to wash clothes, bedding, linen and other items that have been polluted by the creatures. If someone with asthma wears or uses such items, he could experience a severe asthma attack.

Getting Rid of the Pests

When you see a roach inside your house, it might have just gotten lost especially if you don’t normally catch a glimpse of these insects inside your home or around your property. However, if you regularly see a few roaches crawling around even during daylight, this means that you already have a severe infestation somewhere nearby. If you want to use pesticide sprays to kill these nasty critters, you can. But keep in mind that a widespread infestation often requires professional help. Also, it’s very likely that it’s a problem not just inside your house but within your neighborhood as well. Therefore, take advantage of the free inspections that pest control companies offer so that you’ll know for sure if you can just take care of the problem on your own or if you need the help of experts and the cooperation of your neighbors.

About the author: Claire Lassiter is a freelancer who specializes in pest-related issues. She writes about Nashville cockroach elimination, and she hopes that her articles will give people more information about how to handle pest problems.

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