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Not every shoe fits an orthotics or can be worn by them. Addressing this inconvenience and reflecting on the demand, special orthotic shoes were made able in the market. These specially designed orthotic shoes are not only comfortable in shape but also fashionable in looks. These shoes are functional and are available in wide range across all the markets. So, if you are suffering from orthotic issues then don’t worry fashionable shoes you dream of still can be part of your shoe collection. There are ways that can help you fight orthotics without giving up on your tastes and preferences!

What makes orthotic shoes special?

There are a varied range of orthotic shoes that are available in the market and are designed in a way that it is best suited to the given needs. Some of the features that make these shoes extraordinary and special include:

  • Removable linings which give way to depth required for the orthotic,
  • Extra depth heel counters
  • Extended heel counters which ensures greater anti pronation backing

These shoes can also be custom-made and cater to people having specific foot requirements including bunions, with diabetic conditions, hammers toes, etc.

Wide variety that you can access

Chronic foot problems will no more deter you from buying the stylish and fashionable shoes. To address the much-needed orthotics issue, special designed shoes have rolled out especially catering to the given issues. So, now flaunt more style, exuberate class and walk around comfortably with carefully made shoes. Let’s have a look at the type of shoes that you can buy:

  • Try buying shoes with removable insoles, ankle-strap flat, tempo heeled shoes, ankle length boots etc.
  • There are many styles that feature a removable cork and have latex footbed which offers effective support.
  • Casual or sporty shoes, they all are now available with the option of removable footbeds for orthotics.
  • Footwear made especially for office wear. Most of these shoes are with a removable footbed.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other styles that you can choose, including closed-toe styles, criss-cross shoo tie, flip-flop etc.

Best foot pain solution at your step

Diabetes generally raises minor foot problems which become really acute if not given proper attention. One of such complications includes peripheral neuropathy, which is nothing but damage of the nerves that connectsto feet and lower legs. Peripheral neuropathy affects in several ways, causing a loss of sensation in the feet, i.e. you won’t be able to feel the heat, cold, and for that matter eventhe pain. Hence, a person suffering from this disease is highly prone to sun burns, blisters, cuts and scrapes on the feet, etc. And most of the times these go untreated because the person facing these issues does not feel theoccurrence of the same.

To fight these issues and the foot pain, one of the best remedies would be to opt for diabetic footwear. It is very essential that you take the required precautions and prevent the occurrence of any injury that might affect your feet’s health.

This article is penned by Harry Cooper, a healthcare professional and an avid blogger. He feels that proper care can help prevent diabetes related foot issues to a certain extent but medicines and proper diet is a must.


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