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Swimsuit – Summer might have just passed, but it’s still summer somewhere else in the world. If you’re intending on making a hasty winter escape to somewhere warm and exotic, it’s time to choose a new swimsuit. Even if you’re preparing for next summer by taking advantage of the bargains now, you need to think about your body type.

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Every woman has a different body and has a specific swimsuit type she will fit into best. You want to look as good as you can. You don’t want to be self-conscious throughout your holiday. Let’s take a look at a few tips for picking the right attire for your body shape.

Big Busted

The wardrobe malfunction is the biggest threat to a woman with larger breasts. It’s an even bigger problem if your top half is bigger than your bottom half. You need to concentrate on structure to make sure everything is secure and in the right place. The best swimsuit for this is a full body one. It’s like a bikini which fills in all the gaps.

It also accentuates your legs and makes them stand out whilst hiding your upper body. It’s a more conservative option, but if you like to be active on the beach it’s an ideal option.

Smaller Bust Longer Legs

Women with small busts don’t need to worry about any unintended wardrobe malfunctions. Instead of attempting to emphasise their upper body they should focus on the lower body. Opt for a retro look which combines the bikini and the more traditional short swimming shorts.

The swimming shorts start high on the waistline. It gives the impression your legs start much higher up than they really do. It makes them very long and elongates a petite frame.

Plus Sized Women

Plus sized women are typically the most self-conscious about how they look in a swimming costume. Consider the swimming dress. It provides good support in the form of a leotard underneath, yet the dress fabric itself is very thin and you can still see your body underneath. You’re covering up without looking like you’re covering up.

It covers any areas you don’t necessarily want people to see, including your bottom and your breasts. At the same time, the dress allows you to be active and mysterious at the same time. Consider combining it with a sarong to add more variation and a splash of colour.

Athletic Women

Athletic women arguably have the widest range of attire to choose from. If you want to flaunt your body you can take along a thong bikini or settle on what some are calling the ‘tankini’.

The tankini is a combination of bikini bottoms to accentuate your toned legs and a cut-off top which can emphasise your arms and core. It gives you enough support to move around and prevents you from becoming the centre of any unwanted attentions from the male population on the beach.

For the athletic women, it really depends on what she wants when she spends time on the beach. Consider bringing along multiple types of swimming costume and see how you feel on the day.

This post is contributed by John Denver, a fashion stylist and a popular blogger. He gives fashion and shopping advice through his articles. He feels you get the classiest bikini on ebay and that too at a reasonable price.


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