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Everywhere the Women want their partner to have a perfect personality. Suppose now the couple still have a bad habit, no longer need to delay the time to change to be different in front of you.

According to AskMen, there are three simple ways a woman can do to change the partner’s bad habits, such as:

Reminding to keep health care
Men often put aside money to buy a minimum of a cigarette or liquor. In this case, a woman has a big enough role to explain to her partner that smoking can damage the health of his body.

Keeping the diet pairs
Men sometimes more cool-eat foods to eat healthy and nutritious. But without realizing it, he could have had the disease because of high cholesterol diet had done wrong. Therefore, you are obliged to remind the couple to keep a healthy for lifes.

Discard nuanced picture or movie pornography
Some of the men were glad to see the movie or watching pornography nuanced. The man looked at each other by watching blue film can get a very interesting entertainment. In fact, the habit of watching blue films too often can damage the faith.

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