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When two people have been dating for awhile and can see a future with each other, it is logical to consider taking your relationship to the next level. Of course, you want to be sure before making any serious decision, and it is important to discuss these things with your partner to ensure he or she feels the same way.

There is a natural progression of steps relationships endure. Not all of these stages occur in this specific order, but your average relationship will experience these big decisions in an order similar to those below.

Becoming Exclusive as a Couple

The natural first step in any relationship is to progress from dating to entering a monogamous relationship. You have decided that you like this person enough that you no longer have the desire to date other people and want to see where this relationship goes, as it has potential for long-term commitment.

Moving in Together

This step is a little more contemporary than traditional. In years past, couples would get engaged prior to moving in together. However, times have changed and more people prefer to live together to ensure they’re compatible. When moving in with someone, you are around each other a lot more than you are used to. In addition, some of the other individual’s living habits may clash with yours. Moving in together will be a good way to test if you’re ready to take your relationship even a step further.

Popping the Question

You already moved in together and things are going great. You already determined that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. Congratulations, it is a wonderful thing to find someone who means this much to you. Take a friend or your partner to a jeweler and pick out your diamonds, bands and setting. Jewelers will have plenty to choose from, even rare options in their showcase such as loose blue diamonds. Bringing your partner or a close friend of your partner will be a good way to know you are getting something they will like.


Tying the Knot

Now that you’re engaged, it is time to start planning the wedding. Of course there are many steps involved in the planning process, but by working with a wedding planner or creating a to-do list yourself, the planning process should be smooth and easy. Also, do not forget to enjoy your time planning your honeymoon and picking out the perfect location.

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