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April is that time of the month when women get excited in getting rid of their winter clothes. How do you match clothes in April when it’s that time of spring that, despite the sunny weather, there’s still a certain kind of chill left in the air? It’s not that challenging to still come up with a spring-themed outfit without feeling too cold outside. Despite the slight chill in the air, you can still enjoy wearing the beautiful clothes that you plan on wearing for this season.

The thing about women clothing is that for all the seasons of the year, there is always something to look forward to when it comes to trends. Here are some of the basics that you should have this April, for you to enjoy the start of spring, up until the season ends.


Loud prints can make the transition from winter to spring livelier. Colorful flowers as prints on dresses, tops and even pants are very trendy this April. Wearing Aztec and asymmetrical prints is also a good way to welcome the season. The great thing about wearing prints is that, you won’t have to rack your brains in deciding on what accessories and shoes to pair them with. The prints themselves will take care of that aspect. Wearing a plain scarf, or basic shoes will perfect the look. A scarf in a plain or basic color will keep you warm in April in case it’s still a little chilly.

Color Blocking

This season is the best time to wear different plain colors at the same time. A good trick in wearing color block combinations is to choose a strong base color, like blue and green. Another fashionable way to color block is to wear combinations in every hue. In color blocking, you can also wear more accessories especially around the neck. Wearing one plain color for your top will make it easier for you to choose neck pieces. Again, if it’s a little cold, you can put on a colorful and printed scarf to match.

Blue Denims

There is always something about blue denims that just makes anyone wearing this style, look so relaxed. If you want a laid-back look this spring, wear blue polo denims or simple jeans. The great thing about blue denims is that they’re so basic, you can pair them with plains or prints.

Corset Tops and Dresses

Corsets have swept the fashion world off its feet. Whether it’s a top or a dress, owning a corset nowadays, is like owning jeans. You won’t have difficulty pairing it with anything. Corsets in floral designs, other prints and basic colors are necessities that you may want to keep in your closet this April.

This is much like the trend that allows women to creatively wear women’s lingerie outside, paired with jeans or office pants. Again, if it’s too cold to be wearing a corset dress or lingerie-inspired fabrics, you can always wear thick stockings with it and short ankle boots. If you feel like wearing a corset top this April and the chill is too cold to handle, a nice-looking jacket, a good, reliable pair of jeans, and a pair of boots will make spring, a season to always look forward to for women.

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