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When the coughing, sneezing and drowsiness become unbearable try taking one of these natural herbs and start feeling better instantaneously. Below, we’ll write about the best five Natural Herbs For Cold and Flu.


img-Natural-Herbs-For-Cold-And-Flu-ID-488 Thyme is an essential natural element to prevent cold and flu. Thyme is considered an expectorant that makes a cough healthier. This may sound like an oxymoron; however, thyme makes you cough more so your lungs clear out faster. Thyme can be brewed as an herbal tea or as a hot bath. Simply place a small amount of thyme oil in a bowl with hot water and then cover your face with a towel while inhaling the steam from the bowl.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is one of the best natural herbs for cold and flu because it contains glycyrrhizin. Testing of glycyrrhizin has shown that the compound has powerful effects on serious diseases such as HIV and SARs. Recent studies have shown that licorice root can be taken in a supplement form to prevent the flu. Licorice root can be purchased at any natural health store and is available in a powder, tablet, capsule or liquid form.

Garlic : Natural Herbs For Cold And Flu

Not only is garlic used in many culinary dishes, but also the herb has been found to improve the health of a person’s immune system. Studies have shown that individuals who take a daily dose of garlic supplements are more able and likely to prevent common viruses like the flu and a cold. Garlic can be ingested raw; however, it will leave a nasty taste in the person’s mouth. Consequently, for the benefit of the people around you opt for a garlic supplement that is available in a pill or tablet form. Additional ways to increase your garlic intake include more cooking with the herb and/or combining garlic with honey or a sweet yogurt to disguise the taste.


Elderberry has long been a staple herb for individuals who are currently stricken with the flu. However, recent scientific studies have shown that the herb may also be useful in preventing the flu from occurring. Elderberry can be purchased in process form as syrup at most grocery and natural food stores. Boiling water and combining it with dried elderberries can also make the herb at home. Once the mixture has boiled the berries must be removed, strained, and mashed into a liquid. For individuals who currently have the flu the liquid should be taken three times per day or once a day for preventative purposes.


Chamomile has been a staple herb taken by individuals suffering from a cold for hundreds of years. The natural ingredients within chamomile help to calm the nerves. reduce inflammation, decrease fever and aid in sleeping. Best of all, chamomile has a very pleasing taste and can be taken as a tea. Kids especially will enjoy the sweet flavor of chamomile and be happy that the substance is working to make them feel better.

These 5 herbs will help you get rid of cold and flu in no time. Next time you will be prepared!

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