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Relaxing Massage – Every couple could do with a little more time dedicated to each other. When you both lead busy lives it’s easy for you to pass like ships in the night, and when you do spend time together the temptation is to veg out in front of the TV for the night. However, if you stop and think about it we’re sure that you’ll agree that the secret of any good relationship is regular quality time together. It can be hard to find the time, particularly when you are both tired, but one thing that you both will enjoy is a massage. Massage is intimate, sensuous and calming and you’re both bound to enjoy it. Make the first move – read our guide to delivering a top-notch massage and give your partner a treat. The chances are they’ll return the favor so it’s definitely time well-spent!

Prepare Yourself & the Massage Room

Massage Room

If you want to give your partner a relaxing massage, then the first step is to get ready. Stock up on some gorgeous massage oils and body lotions. Then, arrange the room so that there is somewhere suitable to do the massage (a bed or floor is the best place unless you happen to have a massage table lying about!). Cover the bed or floor in soft towels, dim the lights in the room and light some candles. You may like to burn some incense and put some soft music on to add to the ambience. Close the curtains, and switch off the phones and any other distractions.

Start the Massage

Get your other half to lay face down with his or her head to one side on the pillow. Apply some massage oil and start the massage. Use the palms of your hands to make big sweeping movements from the small of their back right up to their shoulders. Start with a light touch and apply more pressure if they want. When you start you should focus on relaxing the whole back so big sweeping movements are best. After a while, concentrate on certain areas applying more pressure, such as the shoulders, the shoulder blades and the neck. You should feel if they have any knots as it will feel tight. This is caused by a buildup of toxins, so use your fingers to work in circles in order to break it up.

The Rest of the Body

Once you have done the back, neck and shoulders, ask if they would like a leg massage. Some people love it, and others don’t so always ask first. Using the palms of your hands, start at the ankles and sweep your hands up their legs. This is great for taking out tension. Then do their arms in the same way, and if you really feel like spoiling them then a hand massage will do down a treat, as will a foot massage. Do their feet last as they will be so relaxed they are less likely to feel ticklish.

When the massage is over, get your partner to get up slowly and drink loads of water to wash away all those toxins that you have released. Then it’s their turn to return the favor!

The author of this post, Josie Brady is a professional masseuse at Aroma Spa, a spa clinic based in Chicago. She enjoys dancing and gymnastics when she isn’t busy with work.


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