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As Louis Armstrong once crooned ‘When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you’, and was he ever right! Smiling has long been proven to be the best medicine for when you are feeling blue. But there are even more reasons to smile your way through the day, this article takes a look and you may be surprised by a few of them.

Smiling Will Pick You Up

No matter how rubbish you day has been, you can always change the state of play by a simple smile. You may not feel like cracking one out, but if you do, the blues will start to fade away. The simple act of smiling is enough to fool your brain into thinking everything is okay. Your brain then instructs different parts of your body to release the feel good chemicals known as endorphins. And the party begins! A study held in 1984 proved that your body will react to different facial expressions, even when they are forced. So whenever you are feeling low, don’t whistle, just smile!

It Is Infectious

As Louis mentioned above, your smile can set off a similar reaction in others, whether they like it or not. Can you recall the last time somebody close to you had some really good news, you were probably grinning like a Cheshire cat as well! Next time you are out in a crowd, just crack a smile and watch the reactions, be careful because you might just start a riot! A lesser known fact is that if you pull a sad face whilst with company, your friends will be inclined to follow suite and you just know that misery loves company!

Smiling Can Remove Stress

In the modern world stress can be a killer, and there are so many factors that can bring this ugly affliction into our lives. But the good news is that our old friend, the smile, has been proven to kick that killer into touch. When you smile, you start to reduce the symptoms that are associated with anxiety and that can only be a good thing. You don’t even have to feel particularly happy, just force a fake smile and let your brain force your body to chill out!

Smiling Can Make You Rich!

Well not exactly, but it can help you to land that dream job. When you smile in an interview, it sends a message to the potential employer that you are a relaxed and confident type of character, the exact sort of person that they are looking for. It is also true that smiling makes us look more attractive to other people, so crack a smile and you will be the flavour of the day. You can choose the best interview suit and have the killer resume at hand, but that will count for zero if you act like a misery guts in front of that interview panel. Just be careful not to overdo the smiling, they may think they are talking to a jabbering imbecile!

The author of this post, Dr. Mark Spines, is a part of the team at Cosmetic Dentistry Perth, a dental clinic that specializes in smile design dentistry. He has a keen interest in helping people improve their smiles and enjoys sharing his ideas via blogging.


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