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There is very little that can’t be fixed, or at least relieved by a massage. Manipulating the body’s muscles, tissues, ligaments and joints is hugely beneficial when it is done by someone who knows what they are doing. The action of massage provides welcome relief for all sorts of ailments such as bad backs (both upper and lower), shoulder complaints and stiff necks – and that’s just a start. If there is an area of your body that is painful, stiff or tender then massage will make it better. Musicians and athletes take regular massages in order to keep their body supple and aligned and these are people who rely heavily on their body, so they should know.

There are lots of types of different massages. We’ll tell you about a few of them here. Which appeal to you?

- Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is used to treat conditions and ailments and uses various techniques to do so, most notably massage but it can also include acupuncture and other techniques. It helps reduce overall tension in the area and helps the blood flow properly in order to relieve stiffness and speed up repair. Remedial massage tends to focus on a specific area of the body which has been overused, injured or sprained but it will also work on connected areas. Many people find huge pain relief from a targeted remedial massage.

- Deep Tissue Massage

This really gets into the nitty gritty! It focuses on the tissue deep under the skin’s outer layers, breaking up knots and adhesions. It uses a combination of deep pressure and slow strokes, following the lines of muscle fibres and tendons. If you have an existing complaint you may need deep tissue massage to really break up the tension. It is normal to ache a little afterwards as the effect goes so deep. It’ll be an intense experience but shouldn’t be painful; in fact most people find the relief quite sublime!

Pregnancy Massage

Along with pregnancy come all sorts of aches and pains. A woman’s body is completely taken over and it is usual to experience pain and discomfort around the pelvic and thigh area. Her feet will also be under some strain as they bear the weight of the bump. Experienced pregnancy massage therapists know how to carefully manipulate areas in order to relieve the woman’s pain and give her more mobility, especially during the last trimester.

Massage not only benefits you physically, but it also helps you mentally too. Relieving tension is a great load off your mind and you will sleep far better as a result, and this is when the body heals itself. It’s essential that whichever type of massage you opt for, you drink plenty of water afterwards. A lot of toxins are released during the massage process and drinking lots of water will help flush them out. You should avoid alcohol for a few days too. It is not uncommon to feel a little spaced out and wobbly after a good massage so leave it a while before you drive anywhere. Above all – massage is relaxing, so lie back and enjoy!

About the Author: Peter Phillip-Rees practices natural therapy In Adelaide. He is amongst the top naturopathsin Australia and is a favourite amongst his clients. He is a happy go lucky guy and loves listening to soothing music in his spare time.

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