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Back Pain

Many people suffer with annoying pain throughout all areas of their backs, from the shoulders to the lower back. But a lot of these individuals don’t really know what they should do to actually cure the back issues. Instead, they focus on suppressing the symptoms by taking medications, whether they’re prescribed by a doctor or they purchase them over-the-counter. Others may use other techniques, such as stretches and workouts, to relieve the pain temporarily. And still others resort to using heat pads or ice packs to numb the pain or relax the muscles so that the pain goes away.

There are natural remedies and treatments available, though, that can provide longer periods of relief from your back pain. If you’re interested in learning what your options are, continue reading.

Acupuncture Treatments

Fence of Pain

Acupuncture is an ancient Asian healing art that uses very fine needles that are strategically placed at specific points throughout the body in order to get the body’s energy to flow more freely. The idea is that every body consists of energy, but when this energy gets stuck or congested in certain areas, it results in disease and pain throughout various parts of the body.

A person who is trained in acupuncture will know where to place the needles in order to bring you much-needed relief from your chronic back pain. The procedure is painless and you merely feel a pinch, if that, as the needles go in. You lie still on a table for the amount of time required for the needles to work and then the acupuncturist removes them and you’re sent on your way. With enough treatments and other supportive therapies, you may be able to cure your back ailments completely.

Chiropractic Adjustments


Chiropractors are trained in the art of adjusting the bones so that the body can be perfectly aligned. This reduces strain on the body, prevents nerves from being pinched, and helps the muscles of the body relax if they’re otherwise tight and stiff from the bones being out of place. A chiropractor may first take x-rays to determine what’s causing the back pain and then will manually manipulate the body or use special tools that help move the body back into alignment.

Many people who suffer with back pain end up needing regular adjustments. When combined with exercises or physical therapy that’s meant to keep the muscles around the bones strong enough to hold the adjustments in place, a person can eventually find permanent relief.

Regular Massages

Foot Massage at Tara Spa

Seeing a professional masseuse can do wonders for back pain because he or she will provide you with a serene environment in which you can let go of all of the stress you feel from everyday life. He or she will then proceed to massage the back in order to relieve tension, relax tight muscles, and increase the blood flow throughout the tissues to relieve pain.

Rather than take pills to suppress back pain, try out some natural remedies that may lead to curing the problem causing the discomfort. Remember to incorporate stretching and exercises in addition to professional therapies to reap the most benefits.

About the Author : Ron Jay, is a part of the team at CT Acupuncture Centre, a team of professionals specializing in a range of acupuncture treatments in Westport, Connecticut. His hobbies include bowling and fishing.


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