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There are various products currently available that claim to assist with weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle. However, many customers have found the results of such products to be severely disappointing as well as the claims made to be somewhat unrealistic. Many weight reduction products promise overnight results with zero effort and no change to the typical lifestyle. However there are a few weight loss products available which can be very effective when combining them with a healthy lifestyle. Such a product will have been subject to rigorous scientific testing to make sure that it’s safe for consumption. One such product is the Acai Berry which has been discovered to be highly effective in both the fields of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

One of the principle ways of measuring the levels of antioxidant in foods and therefore the nutritional benefit is called the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC. Foods which have a high ORAC score may have a profound influence on health, increasing energy and stamina while combating obesity. To put the ORAC score into perspective, one superfood known to us as the common blueberry has a score of around 20. The Acai Berry can clearly be seen as a superior alternative, since recent studies have discovered that the Acai berry comes with an ORAC score nearer to 167.

One of the greatest benefits that the Acai Berry is able to provide is its ability to substantially increase stamina and energy. This can be accomplished as a result of high levels of antioxidants within the Acai Berry which promote high levels of energy and stamina. With increased levels of energy and stamina a person is more likely to feel motivated to exercise and become generally more active. Furthermore, when taken on a regular basis the Acai Berry can help in strengthening the immune system substantially, increasing our body’s natural defences against disease and infection. The energy usually required by the body to fight infection can be utilized more effectively. Furthermore, as the body has the capacity to fight disease and infection with greater efficiency, overall standard of living and health is greatly improved.

In addition to the benefits above the Acai berry is proven to be effective in combating obesity. The combination of the nutritional properties within the Acai berry including essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytosterols and antioxidants ensures that the body functions efficiently. The combination of the properties provides the body with the ability to rapidly process food and so improves the way in which fat is burned. Moreover, this process boosts the metabolism which can be essential in the weight loss process as it allows food to be digested more effectively and increases the pace at which food travels through the body. Finally, the Acai Berry will improve general health and that is essential to weight loss and ensuring a healthy body.

This was a guest post by Which Acai Berry, an independent Acai Berry reviews site.

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