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Natural remedy for insomnia – You’ve had a tired day at the office, got squashed on the tube home, feel absolutely exhausted and yet, here you are, unable to sleep. It feels like you will never sleep again, but whether it’s temporary, or an on-going problem, there are ways to combat insomnia and its causes.

Change your daytime activities : Natural remedy for insomnia

London is a busy place, and your daily activities have an effect on how you sleep at night. Making simple changes to your routine may improve your sleep pattern. Caffeine might be something you can’t live without, so instead of completely cutting it out, try cutting it out of your afternoons instead.

Rather than spending your lunch hour sitting in the office or the nearest coffee shop, take a stroll in a nearby park. London has plenty of green spaces, and taking on some gentle exercise will help you feel more rested later.

Turn off your laptop – As tempting as it might be to take your laptop or smart phone to bed, don’t! Logging on to social media before sleeping may seem like the ideal way to manage time in your busy schedule, but clicking ‘accept’ to that trendy art exhibition before bed can cause havoc with your body’s instincts. Having a bright screen with glowing in your face tricks your brain and body into thinking that it’s time to wake up, not time to go to sleep.

Leave your laptop and phone outside your bedroom, instead opting for old-fashioned activities as a way to unwind after a busy day. Try reading a book before bed, and if you really feel the need to write, keep a notebook by your bed. Remember, your bedroom should be seen as a haven to keep away from the stresses of modern London life.

Natural remedy for insomnia : Stop the Sleeping Pills

Taking medication to help you sleep may seem like a solution to chronic insomnia, but they will only offer short-term relief. Many sleeping pills become inefficient over time as your body adjusts to them, which can often lead to dependency and addiction.

With both chronic and short-term insomnia, it is important to treat the cause and not just opt for a quick fix. When searching for a solution, you should also be looking to find the cause in order to treat it correctly. Consult a sleep expert or your GP if you are considering taking sleeping pills.

Relaxation and hypnotherapy - Natural remedy for insomnia

Due the nature of insomnia, changes in routine and lifestyle may not necessarily solve your sleep issues. Causes of insomnia, such as stress or anxiety, often can’t be fixed by getting more exercise or cutting down on caffeine.

If you’ve exhausted all your options or if your case is more extreme, or persistent, you may want to seek professional help. There is access to great local hypnotherapy in London, who are specialised in insomnia, so you won’t have to travel far for a cure. Most patients find the effects of hypnotherapy start working instantly and many found it to be more effective than their willpower alone.

Abou the Author: Beth Stubbings works for Fix My Mind. She thinks that natural remedy for insomnia & combatting your sleep issues makes for a happier, healthier life.

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