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The one week diet plan that will result to the perfect waistline is what many desire to have, to get that one week diet started you must take certain tips seriously. For one thing, if you drink much alcohol then it would just have to go. Too much booze as part of your evening meal is a not a good [...]

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Talk about hairstyling, light brown hair is one of the favorite colors. Hair color tends to be more striking on a person when the color is more unnatural for their birth race. An example of this would be if an Italian had blonde or light brown hair, with their Italian features they could be seen as a rarity. Another appealing [...]

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Weight loss can be implemented by various methods, you must take care of how and what you eat, so how many calories should i eat to lose weight ? The minimum number of calories per day should be 1200. Less than that results in the body going into (starvation mode). This means that your body interprets the lack of food [...]

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There comes a point in most of our lives when we have issues with our sight. It may be that time when we struggled to read the road sign correctly, or perhaps it was an issue we had with that late night novel. Unlike the dentist, we do not seem to bother sticking to a rigid check-up routine. But we [...]

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Sleep plays a major role in our lives even when we are not sleeping. The quality and amount of sleep that we get during the night affects our productivity the following day and also the quality of of lives. When we do not get quality and the right amount of sleep our social, physical and psychological abilities do not perform [...]

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Skin acnes and blemishes – will these ever go away? As a teenager, you have been hoping that you won’t succumb to all the skin related problems, not to mention the embarrassing ones, such as pimples and blackheads, and would fervently pray that it will simply go away and not bother you again but the fact remains that it does [...]

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When a woman is delivering a baby, she and her unborn child are in a very vulnerable condition. Any mistake, however small, can lead to a life-or-death situation. Luckily, there are modern medical equipment, as well as experienced doctors and highly trained medical workers who aid women and their babies. Still, there are lapses or inaccuracies when providing medical assistance [...]

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As Louis Armstrong once crooned ‘When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you’, and was he ever right! Smiling has long been proven to be the best medicine for when you are feeling blue. But there are even more reasons to smile your way through the day, this article takes a look and you may be surprised by a [...]

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The desire to look good is only natural when you consider the way men and woman have been attracted to each other over the last two thousand years or so. We have always tried our best to get that cute guy or sweet girl’s attention. I suppose we only have to look at the male peacock to see where we [...]

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How to get ripped abs? That’s a question I used to ask myself. I used to do all the wrong things to try and get my abs more defined. I was at a point where they kept disappearing and reappearing and I did all the wrong things, I ate like crap and I did the wrong things thinking that they [...]

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