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Our appearance could be disrupted because of the open pores aka skin pores faces are too large. Do you realize open pores due to negligence. The use of cosmetics during the day without a thorough cleaning before sleep is the cause. So do not forget to give a chance on your skin to breathe freely and live a fairly relaxing. [...]

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Melon fruit is often encountered in daily life. Melon fruit is cheap contains many remarkable properties as disease prevention. Approximately 95% of meat contains water melon, which can give a sense of cool and soothing effect. Because the character of refreshing melon can relieve heartburn in the stomach. Melon contains vitamin A, B and C and contains protein, calcium and [...]

Smoking is dangerous for everyone, especially for people with diabetes, which is basically already at risk of complications such as cardiovascular disease. If you are people with diabetes is also a smoker, no matter how long, you can improve health by quitting smoking. According to the American Diabetes Association (the American Diabetes Association), the following is a potential danger for [...]

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Warnings about the dangers of the sun is often voiced many parties. Of course, such warnings are intended for the good of us all. Various documentation of events that have reinforced the dangers of ultraviolet rays on the human body and skin. But still, the warmth of the sun when the weather is cold or cloudy or in the morning [...]

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Lots of people do not realize that he was exposed to herpes virus, but symptoms sometimes do not arise, which often wound pain occurs only at the beginning of the first infection only. On the second or third infection was not hurt as much as the first could be categorized even mild and often at some people do not feel [...]

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In addition caused of genetic disorder, food consumed affects the incidence of colorectal cancer (colon). One of the foods that are proven to be able to prevent this cancer is an apple. Recent research shows, an apple or apple juice have a positive impact on the large intestine. Content of pectin and polyphenols much found in apples, are known to [...]

Vitamin A is one of the ingredients of skin aging products that are sold freely used. However, you must be very careful in using products that contain vitamin A and its derivatives. A recent study published in the FASEB Journal shows vitamin A crucial role in the formation of energy in cells. Too much or deficiency of this vitamin will [...]

If you fall into type 2 diabetes early stages, should avoid consuming antioxidants. Because the antioxidants actually accelerate the diabetes. During these antioxidants called useful to protect or prevent the cell from free radical damage. Antioxidants prevent cell damage by attacking particles called reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are highly reactive oxidants and have an activity different. Oxidative stress occurs [...]

World Health Organization (WHO), Tuesday (6/10), repeating his statement that the vaccine-H1N1 influenza A is the best tool for a pandemic. Side effects, such as muscle cramps or headaches, did occur in some cases, but everyone should have access to the vaccine. Mass vaccination campaigns to prevent influenza A-H1N1 currently taking place in China and Australia, and will soon begin [...]

one of which caused the low consumption of vitamin D is the bones become fragile and fracture risk. so it can get breast cancer. In addition, vitamin D deficiency also accelerate the deterioration of cancer. “Vitamin D is essential for maintaining healthy bones and general bone density of women with lower breast cancer as a side effect of hormone therapy [...]