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Apple cider vinegar and honey – Whenever we get a cough many of us frequently want to result to an over the counter cough suppressant. However you do not have to go to such lengths if you know an effective home remedy for coughs. Apple cider vinegar and honey can be used together or separately as an alternative treatment for [...]

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Laser Teeth Whitening – Your smile has long been party of your cosmetic routine, with you not only wanting to keep your teeth healthy, but also wanting them to have that sparkling white shine so often seen on celebrities. Although not a modern concept (the ancient Romans used goats’ mild to whiten their teeth), the quest for whiter teeth is [...]

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It’s all very well having an exercise routine when you are home a lot and can get into a routine. But many people are away for extended periods of time – particularly people who travel for business. Because of their transient lifestyle they can find it hard to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. It’s hard, but not impossible, and [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry is a field that focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth. A dentist who wants to specialize in cosmetic dentistry will be required to complete two or three additional years of training beyond dental school. After a dentist has completed the residency, he or she will be qualified to perform a variety of procedures. Below are some [...]

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To compliment this season’s biggest fashion trends,it is worth having the make-up bag to match. Whether you are opting for a blast of colour, sports luxe or the wet look, there is something to perfectly match any outfit. Creative Colours For those wishing to inject a shot of colour into their look, try adding a neon belt or a bright [...]

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Natural remedy for insomnia – You’ve had a tired day at the office, got squashed on the tube home, feel absolutely exhausted and yet, here you are, unable to sleep. It feels like you will never sleep again, but whether it’s temporary, or an on-going problem, there are ways to combat insomnia and its causes. Change your daytime activities : Natural [...]

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Having disability insurance is significant for anyone who ends up disabled, but determining what is and what is not a disability is also significant. It’s not possible to purchase insurance that will simply cover anything that goes wrong with a person and allow them to be considered disabled.  There are many criteria to be met, and as recently as 2009 [...]

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Ditching the foods you love can be an overwhelming thought when thinking about trying a low carb high protein diet. Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes as a side staple with a good steak on the grill, or a mound of pasta at your favorite Italian restaurant? In reality, there are many other good choices that will maintain your weight loss [...]

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For those suffering under the burden of poor vision, LASIK might seem like a godsend to cure them of their ailments and allow them to live free of their handicap.  However, just how safe is LASIK surgery and are you the right candidate for the procedure. There are many different aspects and/or diseases associated with vision loss (astigmatisms, ulcers, dry [...]

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My hair loss pain and gain story, also about the DHT blockers product. About one month ago, I went to a salon to get my hair done. I got a relaxer and thought I was good to go. When the stylist finished my hair, it was pretty and it looked a little different, but different in a good way. It felt [...]

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