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Food Tips, you have done Breakfast everyday, But do you have a healthy breakfast menu? The number of calories that should be included in our bodies all the time breakfast is 300-400 calories. Food for the breakfast menu, which feeds recommended menu in accordance with the “Four Five Perfect Health”, three of them are carbohydrates, protein, dairy products, grains together. Another option is to drink fruit juice, 2 large servings of fruit, milk or skim milk.

Since few employees often have breakfast after arriving in the office. The downside of buying food is that we do not know how these food hygiene. In order to prevent diseases caused by dirty food, try the healthy foods that contain nutrients that will select. Choose foods in sealed containers to provide unsurpassed nutrition flies and mosquitoes that carry the seeds disease.

Try also purchased food, which are less healthy or fat in the breakfast menu should be avoided. For example, you can avoid the consumption of offal while eating oatmeal. Avoid milk porridge to use green beans, to avoid when eating rice crackers or during meals. But do not forget to find out the consumption of fried foods, like breakfast menu, calorie and use of vegetable oil, less well in school.

There is no reason to start the day without breakfast, because it has many advantages that arise when healthy breakfast is a common thing. It is also for children, as they train to school breakfast energy dense activities helped to focus and understand, given the lessons. Thus, try, will offer a healthy menu and a tasty breakfast the whole family to enjoy.

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