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There are number of exercise equipments available in market some aims for bodybuilding while others are used for weight loss. Among all equipments only few are there which perform both functions at a time i.e. they build muscles as well as bring appreciable drop in weight. Rowing equipment or machine is an example of such efficient exercise equipments.

Rowing Machine:

It is a type of exercise machine in which an individual move machine against resistant force while following the rowing techniques. This applies force on major body muscles and aims at numerous other things such as maintaining of body posture, regaining body shape etc. It is widely used in gym and physical training centers. The distinctive feature that makes this machine unique from others is its ability to work on upper as well as lower body parts.

Types of Rowing Exercise Machine:

Rowing exercise machine is divided into further many types depending upon the resistant medium used in the machine. Following are the types of this machine:

Air Resistant Machine

In this air is used as opposing medium in the machine.

Water Resistant Machine

Water is used as resistant medium in these types of machines.

Piston Resistant Machine

In this type of rowing equipment pistons are placed in machine. Moving against these heavy pistons operate the machine.

In addition to these magnets are also used as resistant medium in rowing machine. Now let’s move toward the benefits of using the machine.

Health Benefits of Using Rowing Exercise Machine:

No matter you want to lose weight or strengthen your muscles or want to tone muscle this machine can help you a lot in attaining your desirable health status.. What you only need to do is use this machine on regular basis. Once you will start using it in regular basis you will definitely feel the difference in your physical, mental, social and psychological health status. As physical health or fitness plays a vital role in well being of an individual. Following are the major benefits of using this machine:

Muscle Building

As I told earlier rowing exercise involves all major muscle groups present in body including shoulders arms, abdomen, pelvic, legs and feet muscles. Regular exposure to this exercise builds muscles and adds bulk to it. In addition, it converts excess glycogen present in body to muscle lean mass. Increase of muscle lean mass bring number of positive changes in body most of all is obesity related health risks. Thus, practicing rowing exercise on regular basis can build your muscle at faster pace. Due to its working efficiency gym trainers recommend bodybuilders to use rowing machine for strengthening their upper and lower body parts muscles.

Weight Loss

After building muscle the next important health benefit of rowing exercise is weight loss. Rowing exercise directly targets at all those areas where adipose tissues are present in abundant amount such as abdomen etc. It initiates fat burning process in these areas and within short span of time shed off all extra fats present in body. It reduces the fat percentage in body and increase the muscle lean mass which leads to drop in weight. In addition, rowing burns 600 calories within on hour. It means you can bum almost 18ooo calories per month by merely doing rowing exercise.

Improves Circulatory and Respiratory System

Rowing exercise is a type of aerobic workout or cardiac workout. It activates circulatory system as well as respiratory system. It ensures efficient respiration and circulation in body that improves the overall health status of an individual.

Hence, rowing machine benefits are abundant in number. Most of all these benefits are not merely limited to weight loss but also improve many other things such as improves sleep, boost u digestive system etc. So, if you really want to get rid of extra weight without following any diet plan or crash dieting then rowing exercise machine is best option for you.

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