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THE teenager who wore makeup, a serious risk of health problems. This statement was surprising. However, studies reveal it already.Cosmetics have been used many societies more than 5000 years ago. Cosmetics used as a way to modify or change one’s appearance.

Cosmetics used in the past with a variety of reasons, including to show social class, status or sex, to protect the skin from the sun, or make the wearer look more beautiful.Cosmetics also been used to cover the damaged skin, wrinkles caused by the disease, even stains on the face. But, how cosmetic impact when viewed in terms of health?

As quoted in The Sun, Wednesday (23/12/09), the skin can absorb the mixture of hazardous chemicals from cosmetics. These harmful substances associated with cancer, infertility, and serious problems on hormones. The most dangerous thing is, teenagers who begin using makeup more prone to skin damage due to chemicals in cosmetics.

As reported, the British teenager began using cosmetic products since the age of 11 years. However, it is surprising, several salons in the UK even designed for children aged 6 years.

From laboratory tests on the 14-19 year-old girl get results, that their skin is contaminated with hazardous chemicals. These chemicals, including Phthalates, triclosan, parabens, and musks. The researchers emphasized that all the above chemicals affect cancer and hormone disruption. Another fear caused by the use of makeup is constantly associated with depression and early puberty.

A study by The Environmental Working Group first saw the impact of cosmetic use in adolescents. Team based in Washington DC, America found the results, teenagers typically use approximately 17 per day-care products, such as nail polish and hair dye. Bath adult women, they no doubt wearing nail polish and hair dye. In fact, their age was 13 years old.

“The more here, mostly teenage girls who went to have a ritual of makeup every day,” said Stacy Malkan Campaigner, one of the researchers.

Furthermore, Malkan added, “Makeup is used so that they are exposed to heavy exposure to dangerous chemicals. And this is bad news for the health of adolescent girls, “he said

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