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Since childhood, we’ve been taught how to create a beautiful smile. This smile is closely associated with healthy teeth, white, lined up, and strong. So, what’s the secret of a beautiful smile with healthy teeth?

In order for your smile look perfect, you should be diligent in brushing your teeth and health check at the dentist. In addition, the nutrients contained in foods also play an important role in maintaining dental health.

Well, to help you maintain healthy teeth to stay like a row of pearls, Carefair define some healthy diet is good for dental health.

Calcium and vitamin C not only works to create strong bones, but also helps you to receive strong teeth.

People who consume at least 800 mg of calcium per day, medically proven less likely to suffer from gum disease. The reason, as many as 99 per cent of calcium in the human body consists of bones and teeth. Therefore, taking calcium from the numbers that many could make you a big smile with healthy teeth.

To have healthy teeth, make sure you eat cheese, yogurt, and milk. All the snacks are useful to strengthen your jaw bone, which served to hold the tooth in place. Avoid eating snacks such as potato chips and cookies because it may damage the teeth and gums.
Consume more calcium than men, are compulsory for women. Because, useful for preventing osteoporosis. For those aged under 50 years should consume 1,000 mg of calcium per day. Whereas for age above 50 years, approximately 1200 mg per day.

In addition to calcium, vitamin C contribute to maintaining healthy gum tissue. Therefore, drinking plenty of orange juice every day can reduce the risk of gum disease.

While consuming beverages or foods that contain lots of sugar and acid, can make teeth vulnerable and damage tooth enamel, so that your teeth become weak and damaged.

To protect the teeth while sipping soft drinks, sports drinks or other beverages, you should use a straw. This method allows you to enjoy a drink without making your teeth easily damaged, and prevent early tooth decay. Apply also on the drink you consider sugar-free.

Tea, not only good for health, but can also provide other benefits for your smile. Polyphenols and antioxidants contained in tea is effective in preventing dental plaque. Tea that contains high fluoride also useful to help prevent tooth decay and improve dental health naturally. ready to have a beautiful smile? Let’s take care of your teeth now!

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