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It’s not the secret, that the girls, should be diligent, diligent care of the skin. it is because, the skin is one of the first post of disease resistance, as well as one of symbols of beauty. Who would not want to be smooth-skinned girl, white, and tight?

Well, during the dry season, like it or not we should be ready against the enemy one of beauty, namely dry skin. Well, here I want to share tips to overcome dry skin: Guaranteed safe, without preservatives, no coloring, natural, healthy without a lot of money compared to purchase chemical products such as lotions sold on the market.

Drying of the skin makes our skin is unsightly skin indicates that the water shortage.

    Try the following tips:

  • Take one lime, cut it in half and squeeze.
  • Give a few drops of vegetable oil and rubbed on the skin dry.

Apply the above tips on a regular basis, so, Your skin will not dry again. hope it’s usefull.


Other tips: Simple tips to help you treat dry skin patches:
1 drop tea tree oil, 1/2 teaspoon almond oil, Rub into dry patch. Great for those small dry patches. Another option is to add tea tree oil right into your moisturizer or using Aloe Vera gel, apply directly to the dry patch.


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