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Cleopatra is recognized as the most beautiful woman of all time. The way women dress this era of ancient Egypt has been the inspiration of women worldwide. Apparently, behind the Cleopatra eye makeup to give a positive effect on health, which help combat eye infections.

Eye makeup used by the ancient Egyptians as Cleopatra might just be considered ordinary cosmetics. And French researchers concluded, eye makeup used by Cleopatra has medical uses. Such as quotes from Legal Femalefirst, Monday (1/11/2010).

The study, published in the journal Analytical Chemistry found, Cleopatra eye makeup typically helps protect the eye against various diseases because of the salt contained in it.

At very low levels, salt producing nitric oxide, which is known to enhance the immune system and helps fight bacteria that can cause eye infections.

But analysis of the Louvre Museum scientists and research institutions CNRS found, in very low doses, can actually lead to positive effects.

“We know the ancient Greeks and Romans also had noted the make-up has drug properties, but want to determine exactly how,” said lead researcher Philippe Walter.

The researchers used tiny electrodes, with a ratio of 1 / 10 of the thickness of human hair. This research is intended to see the effects of chloride salt synthesis made by the ancient Egyptians, laurionite in a single cell.

“It can stimulate specific immunological defense, one could argue that the ancient Egyptians intentionally formulate these lead compounds and is used to prevent and treat eye diseases by stimulating activity of immune cells the body,” said Philippe in their journals.

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