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Beautiful hair is definitely a desire for all of womankind on this planet. Unfortunately not everyone got the gift of beautiful hair from birth, but if we do not get from a gift that we are still able to perform self-care so that our hair was more beautiful than before.

There is no great secret to getting great hair, try a few steps below:

  • Consumption of hair-friendly foods. Like a diet rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, foods containing vitamin B, A, C, E, among other things, an oily fish, mackerel and salmon, crusty fish species. Walnuts and dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, wheat bread, brown rice, oats, eggs, citrus fruits, carrots, advocates and peanut butter.
  • Protect the hair from the surroundings. Ultraviolet rays from the sun bad for our hair, use protection such as hats or umbrellas if we were under direct sunlight. If you would swim, protect the hair with a conditioner that contains glycerine or petroleum. This product will coat the hair and prevent the water seep into it.
  • Wash your hair properly. Use the appropriate shampoo hair condition, when washing your hair scalp massage, do not use too much shampoo unless your hair is long. Rinse to the scalp and hair really clean.
  • Use the right conditioner. If your hair is very dry and damaged, use a conditioner leave-in. Perform a deep-conditioning, too, like wearing a hair mask once every two weeks. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly after using the conditioner.
  • Dry hair properly. If you’re using a hair dryer, wait until half-dry hair, do not forget to use conditioner and watch the heat level. Dry air in the hair but do not rub the hair too hard with a towel.

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